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For the last quarter of a century, whatsthatbug.com has helped tens of thousands of people identify thousands of species of bugs.

And, for our good work, we have received our 15 minutes of fame. Multiple times over.

Here are some occasions when we enjoyed our moment(s) in the sun.

Letter 1 – WTB? on BBC!!!

your site
I was watching BBC World last night and your site is onethat came up so I decided to see what it was all about and all I can say is WOW!!!! You have fantastic photos and I shall certainly be looking more closely in my garden from now on and as I am a nature photographer, I hope to be sending you some shots in the near future. I live in small village called Canoe which is part of the City of Salmon Arm, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Thanks again for such a wonderful site.
Peter Clarke

Hi Peter,
We are intrigued. Did you really see us on television? We can’t wait to get your photos.

Letter 2 – US Department of Agriculture Stamp of Approval!!

Your Website
I just stumbled onto your site in attempting to show a visitor exactly how the giant ichneumon accomplishes oviposition. I perused several hot buttons and hey!—–you really have a great site. It will be extremely useful for our neverending stream of visiting students from local schools. Just curious. Where are you located?
Sam Pair
Research Leader
Lane, OK

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the compliment. We have some awesome Ichneumon oviposition images sent in by web browsers. We are in Los Angeles.

Letter 3 – WTB? hits radio airwaves!!!

Just FYI
Hello Bugman…
I have featured your site on my Radio Show… it will air this Sunday the 25th on KNX-1070am in Los Angeles… 4:55 AM, 5:25 PM. I have attached a copy for you. Thanks for the site… very interesting and fun!
Joe Westerberg
Palm Springs, CA

Hear what Joe has to say!!!

Letter 4 – Praise from an Educator

This is the greatest bug site ever!
I spend hours everyday outside exploring nature with students. I must hear “What’s this bug? ” fifty times a day. Your site has been the best source I have found to answer this question, no matter how many times the kiddos ask! It is truly a bug lover’s dream. Thanks!
Eugena Vicars
Outdoor Learning Facilitator
Bransom Elementary

Letter 5 – permission to use picture

Dear “Bug man”:
I am writing to ask permission to use one or more of your images on a web site. The image is of a tortoise beetle. … The site, which is being developed by students in a biology class entitled “Insect fact and folklore”, is an “Insect ABC” with several pages for each letter of the alphabet. The site is strictly for non-profit educational use, and will be geared toward students at the primary school level. You may visit the site (under construction) at:
or see a previous version at:
Please contact me by email, or contact my professor, Dr. Andy McCollum, by phone, fax, mail, or email (contact information below) to grant or deny permission or if you have any questions you want to ask before deciding.
If you are willing to grant blanket permission to allow other students in this class to use images for this web page, or are unable to grant me or any other student in this class student permission, please specify that and we will add your name to the “do not disturb again” list for this class to prevent you from unnecessarily receiving additional requests from this class.
Thank you,
Brian Schweigl

Professor: Dr. Andy McCollum
Department of Biology
Cornell College
Mount Vernon IA 52314

Hi Brian,
We would be honored to contribute images to your site. We here at What’s That Bug? do not employ the copyright police to patrol the web searching for our images. We like to think of the www as a place to disseminate knowledge. Please link the image back to www.whatsthatbug.com if you don’t mind. You will find that creating more links on your site will put you on the radar with search engines which is how What’s That Bug has gotten so much attention.

Letter 6 – We did a radio interview!

Story idea
Dear Sir,
I am a reporter for an ABC radio station in Washington DC and I came across your website. I am interested, if you would be, to talk about all the weird, strange and different bugs and bug stories, especially in the DC area.
If you would be interested please let me know so we can set up a time for a phone interview!
Patrick D. Brogan
Managing Editor
630 WMAL Radio
Washington, D.C. 20015

Letter 7 – Read about us in Sunset Magazine

Love Your Site
I always thought I was odd because I love bugs (Well, mostly anyway, except for cockroaches and silverfish. Oh! And Jerusalem crickets freak me out). As a girl, I kept an old lunchbox full of snails and frequently played with them. In my house, I am the resident get-rid-of-this-spider person and promptly capture and release the offending beast outside (my husband’s a big baby about bugs). I am trying to instill that same reverence for bugs in my children — and they (my children) are turning out to be non-squashing creatures as well (yay). I live in San Diego and found your site via Sunset Magazine and fell instantly into a mesmerized state while perusing it, much to the chagrin of my five-year-old who has been yelling at me about wanting a sandwich for the last 10 minutes. I wanted to tell you about this little, beautiful jumping spider (Eris?) I encountered up near Lake Cuyamaca. It was a pretty, bronze color and seemed so smart. She (he) followed my movements, something I discovered that these particular spiders do. It would move from one finger to another proffered finger with no reluctance at all.
The spider didn’t seem to want to leave me and actually would not get off my hand to be returned to the base of the tree at which I found it. Strangely, it seemed quite tame and I had to scrooch (is that a word?) it off my hand with my finger. Are jumping spiders (Eris anyway) always so friendly. I hate to be anthropomorphic, but, well, she was sooooo cute and such a cool spider! Thanks for taking the time to maintain your site! What a wonderful thing you do. I have bookmarked your site and you are now one of seven of my bookmarks! What an honor!!! 😀

Hi Denise,
We are happy you found us in Sunset Magazine and like our site. Jumping Spiders have excellent eyesight and seem to be fearless. As to their being friendly, we suppose friendship is in the eyes of the beholder.

Letter 8 – BBC Collective Web Column

bbc collective link
I’m just writing to let you know that whatsthatbug.com is featured in BBC Collective’s web column this week. You can see it, and link to it if you like, here:
Best wishes
Rowan Kerek
Content Producer

Letter 9 – WTB? on Click BBC!!!!

Found your site after watching a BBC Technology Programme called Click.
You appeared on their web section on UK Television. Nice Site you have

Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for letting us know.

Ed. Note: Here is what Kate Russell has to say
What’s That Bug
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.
If you have discovered some strange looking creepy crawly while out monitoring your worms, take a picture of it and send it to the lovely helpful people at What’s That Bug.
As the name would suggest, this blog site’s creators are offering to identify any bug from anywhere in the world. This is great news if you come across some strange oddity and do not know what it is, but also great news for those of us that prefer to stay away from the dark corners of the garden, as surfing this website is almost as good as discovering the beasties yourself.
Posted blog style, requests for help are displayed on the main page with the response underneath and it is a proper little sideshow of weirdness. Scroll down to jump to information about bug specific categories on the left.
The other sections listed on the left are Carnage and Bug Love, which pretty much speak for themselves.
I love the friendly editorial that goes with these images. These people are clearly nuts about bugs.

Letter 10 – Television Show!!!

The biggest wasp I have ever seen crashed into the inside of my van today, landing on my pants and stinging away into thin air as it was dying……Scared the bejesus out of me and that led me to your most informative site…Crimony…yours could be the entomology version of Mr. Irwin’s television show…..The manner and detail in which you answer questions is leading to enlightenment to many…..Thank you..

Hi Melissa,
We have been waiting patiently for Oprah’s people or Jay’s people to contact us for a guest appearance, but sadly, it still hasn’t happened. We relish the thought of bringing our sassy perspective on “bugs” to the masses via the airwaves.

Letter 11 – Request from the USDA

USDA – New Pest Advisory Group
Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 5:19 AM
I am a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s New Pest Advisory Group which assess exotic plant pests that are new or imminent threats to U.S. agriculture or the environment. (For more information, please visit our website:
http://www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/cphst/npag/index.shtml .
A coworker and I recently found your website and we have been very intrigued. We noticed the posting about the Ctenuchid fly and that it may be a new species record in the United States.
We would like to ask for your help. When you receive a potential new pest in the United States, could you send us an email to npag@aphis.usda.gov and let us know? I know it’s a lot to ask and that you are very busy, but we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Stephanie Dubon
The New Pest Advisory Group
Raleigh, NC

Hi Stephanie,
We will happily contact you the next time there is a potential new introduction that our readership informs us about.

Letter 12 – WTB? Makes List of top 25 Entomology Blogs

What’s That Bug?
January 27, 2010
I just published an article on my site, “Top 25 Entomology Blogs”. First, I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in the article and if you have any questions about that article, how your site is described, etc. I wanted to let you know that you should feel free to email me. In addition, I thought I would bring it to your attention in case you think your readers might find it interesting and consequently would consider giving the article a mention on your site.
In any case, thanks for your time!
Anna Miller

Hi Anna,
Thanks for including us on your list and we have posted the link on our homepage.  It will eventually archive to fanmail.  We checked out the competition, and we are proud that unlike most of your awardees, we actually post daily.

Letter 13 – WTB? to be profiled in Costa Rican inflight magazine

Content Use in Magazine
I love your website and was interested in publishing info about 1 bug in a local inflight magazine here in Costa Rica. It’s a bimonthly publication that reaches about 75,000 people per edition. We would credit your website and include the URL with each featured bug. It would also be translated into Spanish (bilingual pub.). Would this be of interest to you?
Claire Saylor

Yes.  Please provide additional details.  Do you want to use images from the website?  Content from the website?
Daniel Marlos

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your quick response! The idea would be to post it in the same Q&A format that you use with the photo submitted by the reader (we could probably find the species picture elsewhere if that poses a problem, but the details are key to show what part of CR the bug is found in). It would only be 5 total bugs (1 per edition) as a side bar. If you have any other ideas please send them on, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Claire Saylor

OR — I can submit a bug picture with an answer from you guys to start the section and we get our readers to submit future photos so it wouldn’t be reproduction and both your website and our magazine can publish the answer. Tell me if you prefer this option!

Hi again Claire,
I am fine with the photos and credit being used provided there is a credit.  Clicking the photos on the posting will provide a larger file that would probably be better for print.  Older postings do not have that feature, so the images on the website are smaller.  If you want to submit photos for use on the website, that is also fine, but as summer approaches, the number of letters greatly increases, and unless you catch my attention (putting Daniel in the subject line as well as the subject helps) letters might get overlooked.
Thanks for your interest.

Dear Daniel,
That sounds great! I appreciate your interest in collaborating. How would you like the credit to read? Two options are I could write a short intro about teaming up with Whats That Bug and put your website URL at the bottom, Or just write a formal credit line: “This information was provided courtesy of www.Whatsthatbug.com, for more information on Costa Rican insects, visit their website”
Our next edition doesn’t come out till April so there’s some time to think it through!
Best regards,
Claire Saylor

Letter 14 – Request from an Author

Kids science book
February 15, 2010
Hello, I’m writing a couple of science books for children but the publishers want them to be international. One of the experiments is about garden science and looking at what bugs you can find in your soil, through a funnel shining a light on top. I need to come up with a list of international bugs and wondered if you could help? Many thanks indeed,

Hi Lisa,
Please describe the experiment more thoroughly as it doesn’t make sense to us how the funnel and light are used.  One international subterranean dweller is a Mole Cricket, but we are uncertain how your trap would work in finding the mole cricket.  It would be much easier if we just provided you with a list of potential soil dwellers.

Thanks so much for getting back to me!  It’s like a Berlese funnel experiment.  A list of potential soil dwellers would be absolutely perfect!  And if you happened to know which were most widespread, all the better, but I realise that is very hard to ascertain sometimes,
All my very best wishes,

Comment from Australia
Hi guys,
Congratulations on being near the end with the book project. … As an aside, I noticed the letter about the light and the funnel. One method of trapping insects is to bury a bottle with a funnel so that the lip of the funnel is at ground level. A light is suspended above it and ground dwellers walk to the light and fall into the funnel. Hope that sheds some light on it 🙂

Letter 15 – A Television Offer!!!

Favorite Bugs!
March 14, 2010
My name is Shanny. I’m the co-host of a monthly literary arts show in Chicago called The Encyclopedia Show. Each month, we choose a topic from an encycloedia and invite 10-12 writers/artists to perform. We assign them subtopics of the month’s theme and give them a month to make something up. It’s great!
Our April show is Insects. Do you have favorite insects? Any that are fascinating? Will you accidentally be in Chicago on Wednesday, April 21 and want to be in the show? ;c)

Dear Shanny,
Thanks so much for the intriguing offer, but alas, we are unable to get away from our teaching job to come to Chicago.  We would probably choose the Cicada Killer as the insect we would have profiled had we been able to participate.

Letter 16 – Proposal for National Insect Week

National Insect Week
I would like to get a insect week started in the US, (see the link to the UK national insect week: http://www.nationalinsectweek.co.uk/ ) Since you guys have a great web presence I wanted to be the first official person to sign the “petition” to start a US based- National Insect Week (preferably during the school year so students can participate) Entomologists Unite!!
Michelle Gunter

Letter 17 – We’re Doing a Lecture Today

May 21, 2010
We are quite excited that we have been invited, as the recipient of the 2009 LACC Faculty Community Learning Award, to lecture before the Los Angeles City College Emeriti during the spring luncheon today.  Dare we end the lecture with a look at Edible Insects right before lunch is served???

Letter 18 – Get the Bugman on Martha Stewart

October 2, 2010

The publicist at Penguin/Perigee requested that Daniel make a video to stir up interest in radio and television appearances prior to the release of The Curious World of Bugs.  Here is a simple home video of Daniel in the tomato patch:


Though a Tomato Bug, which is Grandma Nanowsky’s name for either a Tomato Hornworm or a Tobacco Hornworm, could not be located at the time the video was shot, there is nonetheless some helpful information contained in the video on these large green caterpillars that feed on the leaves of tomato and related plants.

August 18, 2010
There has been no progress on the oven mitts, but I do have the germ of an idea for the next book.  Sadly, I wrote so much in The Curious World of Bugs that there was no room for one of the chapters in the original pitch.  What’s That Garden Bug?  Well, today while posting the Milkweed Meadow, I wrote the beginning of the next book.

What’s That Bug in the Tomato Patch???
“Could that be a new book title?  The Milkweed Meadow or Goldenrod Forest would be much more fascinating books.  Or, I could just stay close to home and write Black Mustard and the Camino Real and its thriving Spider and Insect population in Elyria Canyon.”  I actually think I need to write the Garden Insect Book.

Get the Bugman on Martha Stewart
June 24, 2010
I have been working diligently with my editor Maria at Penguin/Perigee regarding my book, The Curious World of Bugs, which is due out in October.  Now I have been assigned a publicist who will be targeting various publications and radio and television shows for potential interviews, appearances and reviews.  I have gotten a Bee in my Bonnet regarding an appearance on Martha Stewart, and I am bound and determined to do my best to get Martha to notice me.  Of all the television shows, this seems like the best fit for my book.  Though we have never conducted a user profile of our visitors to What’s That Bug?, homemakers, who also comprise Martha’s target audience, make up a large percentage of the website traffic.  Somehow, I think that a personal touch will be required to get Martha Stewart to notice me amidst the deluge of appearance requests her staff must field daily.  To that end, I am designing a pair of oven mitts, making them and then hand quilting them as a gift to Martha.

The image is of a vintage drawing of a dragonfly that is one of the art illustrations in the book, and I have rendered it onto canvas in both a positive and negative form, utilizing the photography techniques I teach to my students in the Creative Photo-Vision (Photo 22) class I teach at Los Angeles City College.  This cyanotype process dates back to the 19th Century, and interest in the process is getting a Renaissance among photographers.  Please let us know if you would watch the Bugman on Martha Stewart by posting a comment.
Daniel Marlos, AKA The Bugman
P.S. to Martha:  I make the best pirohi (the Ukrainian version of her favorite Polish dish called pierogi) west of the Mississippi River based on my Grandma’s recipe.

Here is a photo of a young Bugman (second from right), next to grandma (on MY right) in the hall of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church where the best Pirohi in Youngstown Ohio are still made every Thursday and Friday between September and June.

Bugman on Martha Stewart
November 9, 2010 11:22 am
Hi there!  I had some trouble logging in, my computer is goofed up at the momeht so i’m borrowing my daughter’s computer and email address.   I wanted to say I would MOST DEFINITELY watch Bugman on Martha, and I am a homemaker too!  I would really like those oven mitts as well!  Will you be marketing some?  I think you should, they are adorable!!  Have loved your site for years.  Take care, Michelle Nash, formerly of St. Charles, IL – now in Rolla, Missouri 🙂
Signature: Michelle

Hi Michelle,
Daniel does not currently have plans to market the oven mitts, but there is always that possibility.  There will probably only be two pairs, one for Martha and a backup pair.  There has been no additional work done on the oven mitts since the image was posted because it seems there is not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to get done, but since there is not currently a deadline to complete the oven mitts, they are not yet late.

Letter 19 – Radio Interviews

October 11, 2010
This morning Daniel did two additional radio interviews with WOCM-FM “Bulldog and the Rude Awakening” in Ocean City MD, and WLW-AM “Jim Scott Show” in Cincinnati OH.  If they are local shows for you, be sure to tune in.  Last week Daniel had an interview with IRN-USA Radio Network in order to provide sound bytes for national news broadcasts.

October 1, 2010
Yesterday Daniel was interviewed for The Osgood File about The Curious World of Bugs, though it is uncertain exactly when in the coming weeks the interview will be played on syndicated Westwood One CBS radio.  In Los Angeles, The Osgood File can be heard on KNX 1070 and you can check your local affiliate using the Westwood One station finder for the Osgood File program.  Stay tuned for more details.

You can preorder the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or an Independent Bookseller now!

Letter 20 – The Osgood File: What’s That Bug Does Not Endorse Extermination!!!!!!

October 13, 2010
Daniel just listened to the excerpts from the forty minute interview he gave to The Osgood File producer, and he was quite surprised by the lead in regarding making money by killing bugs.  Anyone who has spent any time on this website knows that we promote tolerance of insects and we prominently display the phrase “
What’s That Bug? does not endorse extermination” on each of our posts.  While it is true that indiscriminate extermination is a way to make money off of bugs, this option is not discussed anywhere in the book The Curious World of Bugs, nor on this website.  It is our mission to educate the web browsing public about Unnecessary Carnage and to promote tolerance of the lower beasts.  Daniel has learned an important lesson.  He will be very cautious about answering any interview questions about Bed Bug infestations and he will clearly state that extermination is beyond the scope of his expertise lest his words be taken out of context again through the editing process.  Now that you have gotten the disclaimer, tune in to The Osgood File interview on westwoodone.com.

October 11, 2010
This morning Daniel did two additional radio interviews with WOCM-FM “Bulldog and the Rude Awakening” in Ocean City MD, and WLW-AM “Jim Scott Show” in Cincinnati OH.  If they are local shows for you, be sure to tune in.  Last week Daniel had an interview with IRN-USA Radio Network in order to provide sound bytes for national news broadcasts.

Hitting Shelves October 5

You can preorder the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or an Independent Bookseller now!

Letter 21 – Bugman on Martha Stewart

Bugman on Martha Stewart
November 9, 2010 11:22 am
Hi there!  I had some trouble logging in, my computer is goofed up at the momeht so i’m borrowing my daughter’s computer and email address.   I wanted to say I would MOST DEFINITELY watch Bugman on Martha, and I am a homemaker too!  I would really like those oven mitts as well!  Will you be marketing some?  I think you should, they are adorable!!  Have loved your site for years.  Take care, Michelle Nash, formerly of St. Charles, IL – now in Rolla, Missouri 🙂
Signature: Michelle

Hi Michelle,
Daniel does not currently have plans to market the oven mitts, but there is always that possibility.  There will probably only be two pairs, one for Martha and a backup pair.  There has been no additional work done on the oven mitts since the image was posted because it seems there is not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to get done, but since there is not currently a deadline to complete the oven mitts, they are not yet late.

Letter 22 – WTB? Named Best Insect Blog

Suggestion for What’s That Bug
January 27, 2011 4:07 pm
Hi What’s That Bug,
I am writing to inform you that What’s That Bug has been featured on Online Courses.net list of the Best Insect Blogs found here: www.onlinecourses.net/best-insect-blogs. We hand-picked a list of our favorites and outlined the unique reasons why we love them.
I would really appreciate your feedback on our list. We have created a badge that you are welcome to use anywhere on your site. It is a great way to let your readers know you have been recognized. You will find it at the bottom of the list. Simply copy and paste the provided HTML snippet from our page to any place on your site.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Cate Newton
Signature: Cate Newton

Letter 23 – The Bugman speaks at Lummis Home: October 15, 2011

Announcement:  Slide Presentation of local Los Angeles insects
Where:  Lummis Home (El Alisal) 200 East Avenue 43, Los Angeles, CA 90031
When:  October 15, 2011 from 10 AM to 4 PM (WTB? presentation at approximately 2 PM)
Why:  Benefit for the gardens of the Lummis Home
If you don’t have plans for Saturday, October 15, come out to this wonderful event at the historic Lummis Home along the Arroyo Seco  and adjacent to the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway (110 freeway).
See Urban Rancho on Facebook.

Click for enlarged poster

Letter 24 – What’s That Bug? makes High Country News

November 12, 2011
What’s That Bug? is profiled on High Country News.

Bugman Daniel Marlos photographed by Francisco Sevillano

Rock star status
November 14, 2011 11:22 am
Dear Daniel, Thanks for sharing your rock star treatment with your readers.  I thought the High Country News was a great article.  You do a great job educating those of us who are always wondering, “whats that bug?”
Signature: JimmyDean

You are really funny JimmyDean.  I thought it was funny getting compared to a rock star.   Thanks for the compliment.  I had a really nice time talking to the writer, Marina.  She has enough material for five articles.

Comment from Brenda
November 23, 2011
Nice article Daniel in this pub! More fame coming your way…now, how about that fortune??
Brenda Rees

Thanks for the support Brenda.  The article on the March of the Tarantulas is quite nice.

Letter 25 – The Bugman speaks at Theodore Payne Foundation

Local Lepidoptera: Butterflies and Moths of the L.A. Region with Daniel Marlos
When Sat, February 25, 2012, 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Where Theodore Payne Foundation, 10459 Tuxford St., Sun Valley CA 91352
Description This illustrated overview of butterflies and moths that frequent our local gardens and wild lands includes images of both adult and larval stages, as well as interesting facts on their habits and food preferences. Daniel is an artist and photographer and the author of The Curious World of Bugs: The Bugman’s Guide to the Mysterious and Remarkable Lives of Things That Crawl. The program includes an exploration of Daniel’s popular website, whatsthatbug.co​m, and ends with a book-signing. Location: Education Center.
Fee: $20 Theodore Payne members, $25 non-members
To register, call 818 768-1802.

Thanks and Happy Winter Solstice! – Lili
Lili Singer
Director of Special Projects and Adult Education
Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants, Inc.
10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352
818 768-1802

Mourning Cloak: Winter Butterfly

Letter 26 – Bugman interviewed in F5, a Russian magazine

interview for the Russian magazine F5
Dear Daniel,
Here is the link to our interview, published (in Russian) in Medved magazine: http://www.medved-magazine.ru/articles/Lena_Rodina_o_nasekomih.1129.html
The illustration is mine, I hope you like it.
Thanks so much for your patience and for your witty and interesting answers. I really enjoyed interviewing you.
Elena Rodina

Illustration of Daniel Marlos by Elena Rodina

Thanks Elena,
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, visitors to What’s That Bug? are able to use our translation feature which works in over fifty languages.  The illustration looks just like me.

Letter 27 – We’re Doing a Lecture at the Getty!!!

We’re Doing a Lecture at the Getty
What’s That Bug? has been asked to present two Point of View lectures at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles on July 25, 2008. The lectures are in conjunction with the exhibit Maria Sibylla Merian & Daughters: Women of Art and Science curated by Stephanie Schrader. The lectures at 4:30 and 6 PM are open to the public. Sign up at the Museum Information Desk beginning at 3 pm on July 25. The J. Paul Getty Museum is located at 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

When not online, the editorial staff of What’s That Bug” is in the garden researching your bug questions. Are we experts yet?

MFA Degrees
(03/19/2006) Credentials
Hi there.
I have enjoyed your site very much. Here is my problem. I am a grad student in education at East Stroudsburg U. and I would like to cite What’s That Bug as a resource for a project. I can’t seem to find any infomration on who you guys are, and how you know so much about bugs. I’m not asking for names and addresses, obviously, just something I can include in my paper? Please? BTW, the homebody site and knitting site are cool too.
Sue Chew

Hi Sue,
Lisa Anne and Daniel both have Master of Fine Arts degrees from Art Center College of Design. Daniel is the Chairman of Media Arts at Los Angeles City College. Lisa Anne and Daniel both teach Photography at Los Angeles City College. Daniel teaches Design 1 for Film and Advertising at Art Center College of Design. Lisa Anne teaches Photography at University of Southern California. The truth is, the site is an art project.

Letter 28 – What’s That Bug? as a resource!!!

Subject: educational link request
June 19, 2014 5:54 pm
I am a middle school science teacher at St Francis Xavier Prep in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and I stumbled onto your website today while doing some research for a science book that I am putting together for my sixth grade students. The new trend  in schools is to get textbooks on iPads which I dislike intensely, however, I had one thrust upon me along with an Apple laptop which I also dislike intensely but that’s beside the point. The newest iPad version textbook I have used with my sixth graders is terrible. It was dumbed down so much I gave up and decided to write my own for my classroom use only. Although I can’t say I really love arthropods, I do love science and living things. From the browsing that I have done on your site, I think you enjoy what you do, as well. I like to get my students enthused about what they are learning even if it can be icky. Would you be interested in being a link in my classroom book for my students’ questions when we get to the arthropod section
? I have about 50 – 60 students in grade six. They may ask nothing or something depending on how motivated I can get them.
Signature: Jackie Battles

Dear Jackie,
We are flattered with our assessment of our site and we are also intrigued with your request.  We need to come clean and inform you that the most popular posting on our site continues to be What’s That Bug? will not do your child’s homework, but with that said, we would be honored to try to assist your students.  PLease have them include the name of your school, St Francis Xavier Prep, in the subject line if they write to us with a request and the best link is our Ask What’s That Bug? link if they have images.  They can try our Comments and Questions link if they have no images.  We will try to the best of our ability to direct them to the best postings on our site to answer their questions.

Thanks for your reply. I teach about the whole kingdom of life in the sixth grade so I don’t get to animals until late spring, but I download my book for my students in September so they would have access to the links that are included in it. As of right now, I don’t have any schoolwork questions where the children would have to need you  to help them with their homework  so don’t worry about cheating. Hopefully it  would be purely for curiosity and  fun. I do manage to get my students excited about things from bacteria to fungus to arthropods sometimes. If anyone in the building finds a “bug” it usually is trapped and then escorted by an entourage down to my room. (I’m not sure what they think I’m going to do with it, but nonetheless it is given to me.) So as you can see, the kids will find a bug and maybe ask you what it is instead of me and do some browsing on your site and learn something.
If you are nosey – the school website is sfxp.org.
Jackie Battles


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  • I’ve heard of this type of trap. It works something like this: you fill up a funnel with soil and put it under a strong light. Soil-dwelling critters tend to be negatively phototactic, so the light forces them down through the soil. Eventually, they come out the bottom of the funnel, where they can be collected. It works best with small organisms that are not easily seen by digging through the soil by hand.

  • Can i sign the prop?

  • I would definitely watch if you were on Martha. Fingers crossed! <3

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement. I really hope to charm Martha into that guest appearance. The oven mitts will be lined with red corduroy and the red side will come into contact with the hot pots. This design is just a prototype right now, but I decided that two layers of corduroy and the batting in the middle is not enough insulation, so I am adding additional layers of corduroy, batting and denim so the oven mitts are functional as well as beautiful.

  • I probably wouldn’t watch Martha Stewart, but I would buy the dragonfly potholders!

  • I got the book. Love it. Wrote a review on Amazon. Keep up the good work.


  • re: the translation feature. The German one doesn’t seem to be working today (4/22), but in the past it’s translated the title “What’s that Bug?” as “What’s that computer glitch?” (German: Fehler). Just thought you should know the limitations of the translating program!!

    • That is positively hilarious. The term “bug” has so many possible meanings in English. We will be the first to acknowledge that a computer glitch is most definitely a bug.

  • when I was younger there was a place we would go every year and that would be thousands crossing the road you couldn’t drive through there without squashing hundreds of them so most people just walked through them haven’t been there in years but I’ll go check it out this year maybe take a video and email it back to you stay safe


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