Subject: What is this thing???
Location: South jersey
August 17, 2017 3:34 pm
My friend found this little critter in his yard here in southern New Jersey. It bit him and almost 2 hours later his arm is JUST now going back to normal. What is this?
Signature: Erin

Saddleback Caterpillar

Dear Erin,
We suspect the next time your friend encounters a Saddleback Caterpillar, your friend will look and not touch, since that is the best way to interact with Stinging Slug Caterpillars from the family Limacodidae.

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Subject: Some type of wasp….
Location: Vancouver Washington area
August 17, 2017 3:13 pm
Hello! I would like to know the identification of this flying insect please? thanks!
Signature: Respondents choice. No preference.

American Hornet Moth

Though it is not a Wasp, it is an effective wasp mimic as the common name of the American Hornet Moth implies, and we believe we have correctly identified your individual, though a higher resolution image would be helpful.  According to BugGuide:  “In flight they closely resemble wasps, even producing the droning sound.”

Subject:  California Mantis
Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
August 18, 2017 8:25 am
Last week, Daniel took this image of this immature California Mantis perched on a primrose.  They sure are growing.  Just yesterday, Daniel found three similar sized California Mantids in the garden.

California Mantis

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: bug identification
Location: North of Pittsburgh, pa
August 18, 2017 5:45 am
found this bug in our window-August. Live in Cranberry Township, pa..north of pittsburgh. Taken on August 17, 2017 on very warm day.
Signature: CB, PA

Ivory Marked Beetle

Dear CB, PA,
This is an Ivory Marked Beetle.  According to BugGuide:  “hosts include a wide variety of hardwoods (oak, ash, hickory, locust, chestnut, maple, elm, beech, cherry); larvae bore in heartwood.”

Subject: Caterpillar
Location: nr Carmarthen
August 18, 2017 6:42 am
A couple of people have identified this caterpillar as ‘Dot moth’.
Signature: Dara

Dot Moth Caterpillar

Dear Dara,
Please add WTB? to the the list of people who agree that this is a Dot Moth Caterpillar,
Melanchra persicariae.  According to Wildlife Insight:  “The caterpillars reach 45mm in length and can be various shades of green and brown. The distinguishing features are three pale lines cross the dark prothoracic plate behind the head, the central one being an extension of dorsal line and the eleventh segment is raised dorsally.  The Dot Moth caterpillar feeds on a wide range of herbaceous plants and sallows and can be found during the day on plants such as dock and common nettle.”

Subject: Insect shell
Location: San Antonio Texas
August 12, 2017 12:52 pm
Found near our grass clippings under tree. No clue what this is please help.
Signature: Chris

Robber Fly Pupa

Dear Chris,
This Thing has been on our back burner as we have tried unsuccessfully to identify it.  We are pretty certain we have a similar posting buried somewhere in our archives among the nearly 25,000 postings we have made in the last 17 years, but we have not been able to locate it.  We believe this is the immature stage of a Fly in the order Diptera, but we cannot provide any internet citations at this time.  Perhaps one of our readers will help to identify this Thing.

Update:  Thanks to Christopher Taylor who sent a BugGuide link to a Robber Fly Pupa.