Our Favorite Insect Related Games

If you’re like us at “What’s That Bug’ we love insects. With their diverse shapes, colors, and behaviors, humans have been long been fascinated by bugs. From buzzing bees to colorful butterflies, these tiny creatures have inspired countless games. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games, puzzles, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, there’s an insect-related game for everyone. Below are some of our favorite insect-themed games and gifts that offer fun, entertainment, and a deeper appreciation for the world of bugs for fans of all ages.

While we do enjoy and use the games recommended below, they are affiliate links where ‘What’s That Bug’ may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to financial support this website from hosting to expert entomologists and writers who identify your bug requests and create the content you love.

National Geographic Bug Catcher Kit for Kids

This Bug Catcher Kit by National Geographic enables kids to catch bugs and observe them up close. With this bug catcher and habitat kit, kids can capture bugs and insects, then watch them through the habitat’s magnified viewers. The bug catcher, tweezers, and net make it easy to catch bugs of all types. We just wish some of our bug identification requests could use this so we’d get better pictures! Just make sure to release the bug back into the habitat that you found it.

Kabuto Sumo

In Kabuto Sumo, players push pieces onto the board trying to push their opponents out of the ring and become the greatest insect wrestling champion! It’s an exciting combination of physicality, strategy, and luck. The artwork on this one is outstanding.

National Geographic Real Bug Dig Kit

Another great kit from National Geographic, the Real Bug Dig Kit is perfect for kids. Children will learn all about the insects they find as well as other fascinating arthropods with the included full-color learning guide.

Honeybee Tree

This award winning game makes a great gift to younger children. In, Honeybee Tree, players must carefully remove “leaves” without dislodging the “sleeping” bees inside the hive teaching younger bee lovers hand eye coordination, strategic thinking, and dexterity.

Color Bug Catchers

This next game also helps the younger bug lover in your life with their hand eye coordination, strategic thinking, and dexterity. Color Bug Catchers is a quick game (<10 minutes) where players have to ‘catch’ bugs based on the roll of the dice!

TIC TAC Tongue Game

In TIC TAC Tongue Game you’re a chameleon trying to eat the most bugs as possible! The fastest and most precise player has the advantage of being able to eat more insects. Its survival of the fittest!

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a complete kit for kids and adult bug lovers a like watch caterpillars change into butterflies!

Wild Environment – Extreme Spiders of the World

Learn about 10 of the world’s most extreme spiders while building a 3D model of a tarantula. Make a life-sized tarantula eating a lizard and an egg sac with spiderlings.

Uncle Milton’s Giant Ant Farm

The perfect gift so your kids can take an even closer look at the amazing underground world of ants. It’s the original.

Nature Bound Bug Catcher Vacuum

A fun way for kids to interact with and study bugs. The gentle suction allows kids to catch the insect and transporting them to the habitat.