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Bugman – Daniel Marlos

Daniel aka the Bugman for whatsthatbug.com. Daniel has a Master of Fine Arts degree from ArtCenter College of Design. He has taught photography at Los Angeles City College where he was the Chairman of Media Arts. He is a tenured faculty member teaching Photography at Los Angeles City College and has a passion for all things bugs.

The Bugman started whatsthatbug.com in 1999 as an side project. The website quickly grew, helping millions of visitors answer their questions about the incredible world of bugs. The Bugman is the author of the book The Curious World of Bugs (ISBN:0399536132) which has been among the top books on insects on Amazon.

Daniel Marlos, aka The Bugman
Daniel Marlos, aka The Bugman (photo by Luca Loffredo)

Grant Bolton

Meet Dr. Grant Bolton, an entomologist with a passion for identifying bugs and sustainable pest management. He earned his PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia and works as a copywriter in the pest control and agriculture industries. His insightful articles have been featured in Entomology Today and various online platforms, illuminating the intricacies of insect science, from invasive species to innovative pest control methods. Grant is dedicated to sharing his expertise and fostering a community committed to eco-friendly solutions. In addition to being an expert entomologist and freelance writer, he also is a voice actor at Bolton Voices.

Piyushi Dhir

Piyushi is a nature lover, blogger, and traveler at heart. She lives in Canada with her family and has always been fascinated with the natural world. Piyushi is an animal lover in addition to being a bug lover and enjoys writing about all living creatures.

Piyushi is a published author and has written best sellling books spanning genres. Some of her more popular books are In Search of Love and Silent Promises.