What To Spray On Aphids? Top Aphid Sprays Revealed

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If you are worried about the aphid infestation on your garden plants, here is what to spray on aphids to make them go away completely.

Aphids are pests that infest plants growing in unhealthy environments with poor soil quality and too many plants.

Aphid populations can thrive and destroy an entire plant in very little time. They replicate quickly and are very difficult to control once they have spread.

In this blog, we will look at sprays and insecticides that you can use to kill, repel, or deter aphids in your garden.

What To Spray On Aphids


Does Sevin Kill Aphids?

Sevin Insect Killer is an effective contact insecticide ideal for the targeted treatment of plants. It is effective on more than 500 types of pests, including aphids.

This insecticide has a nozzle to spray a strong stream on your plants. The chemical may take some time to work, but it is very useful in controlling stubborn aphid infestations.

Does Sevin Dust Kill Aphids?

Sevin Insect Killer is available in both spray and dust form. If you use the dust form for an aphid infestation, sprinkle a thin layer on the plants that only kills the insects.

The dust may harm the plants, and you should monitor the effects on your plant daily.

Does Spinosad Kill Aphids?

If you notice dark spots on your plants that look like sooty mold, they are most likely the result of an aphid infestation. Spinosad can work on aphid infestations, but it is much slower than other insecticides.

Once sprayed on the spots, it will attack the larvae of the aphids, paralyzing and ultimately killing them within a few days.

Does Captain Jacks Kill Aphids?

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew is popular as one of the insecticides that can control dangerous plant pests.

You can use this spray on many pests, but it is ineffective for sucking pests like aphids. It might get rid of the infestation for a short while, but it will not remove them completely.

Giant Conifer Aphid


Does Avid Kill Aphids?

Avid insecticide spray can kill aphids in contact. It is a horticultural oil that you can use on different types of mites and leaf insects, but it is also effective on aphids.

However, you should not use it as the go-to solution since it can be harmful to your plants and other beneficial insects.

Does Soap and Water Kill Aphids?

A soap and water mixture is one of the best solutions to control aphids. Mix dishwashing soap in water in a 1:5 ratio and put it in a spray bottle.

Use the spray on plants as a repellant or as an insecticide. When used as a repellant, it makes a layer on the leaves, which deters aphids from settling on them.

This solution is also safe to use and does not have any major effect on plants or other beneficial insects.

Besides chemical products, you can also use some organic solutions to control pests like aphids in your garden. Let’s discuss them below.

Do Essential Oils Kill Aphids?

Essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, clove, and thyme can be effective solutions to control aphid infestations.

Mixing any or all of these with a quarter of water and using it as a spray on plants can kill aphids and other pests like mites.

Does Vinegar Kill Aphids?

Vinegar can help control aphid infestations and even improve the overall health of your plant. Vinegar can reduce the risk of plant lice that occur on the underside of leaves.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 1.5 part water to make an effective solution. Make sure to repeat the spray a few times over a week for the best results.

Milkweed Aphids


Does Neem Oil Kill Aphids?

Neem oil is another organic solution that works as an insecticide for soft insects. All you need to do is have a spray bottle of water-soaked neem leaves that you can spray on your plants.

The neem oil from the leaves kills the bugs and affects their ability to feed and reproduce.

Does Tomato Leaf Spray Kill Aphids?

Tomato leaf sprays are one of the most effective sprays for aphids and for destroying aphid eggs. Plants from the nightshade family, which includes tomatoes, contain alkaloids that are toxic to insects.

You can soak a few chopped-up tomato leaves in water overnight and use the solution as a spray on leaves to control the aphid infestations.

Does Garlic Oil Spray Kill Aphids?

Garlic oil is a good pest repellant for most bugs, and it can also work on aphids. A good garlic oil spray can help control aphids, but it might also be harmful to the soil if you use too much.

The spray can also cause irritation to one’s eyes and nose, which is why you should use protective clothing when spraying it.

Does BT Kill Aphids?

The pest-control bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) can control aphid infestations as well.

BT is one of the best ways to control most household pests, and recent research has shown that it can also work on aphids.

Other aphid predators like lady beetles, soldier beetles, or parasitic wasps are another good way of addressing aphid infestations.

What To Spray On Aphids


What Kills Aphids on Contact?

A contact insecticide such as organophosphate can do the job well. There are both organic and chemical insecticides that you can use on aphid infestations.

Some are good for only killing them once, but others are excellent repellants as well. You should spray insecticides on the undersides of leaves, where you will find most infestations.

Bug Control Recommendation Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a natural aphid spray?

There are many recipes for homemade aphid spray, but one of the most effective and simplest to make is a soap and water solution.

To create this solution, mix together 1 tsp of dish soap with a quart of water (In a 1:5 ratio). Spray the mixture directly on any plants with aphids.

What kills aphids permanently?

Insecticidal soaps and oils are one of the most effective solutions to deal with an aphid problem. Regularly spraying the plants with a strong stream of this solution can kill aphids permanently.

Introducing natural predators of aphids into the garden can also help to keep the aphid population in check.

How do you kill aphids fast?

One of the fastest ways to kill aphids is to use a strong stream of water and soap or insecticide sprayed on an infestation.

Since spraying too many chemicals can be dangerous to the plants, you can also use horticultural oils, neem oil, and other home remedies to remove the aphids fast.

What is the best aphid killer?

Alcohol and petroleum-based insecticidal oils can be the best solution to control an aphid infestation. Using sticky traps and specially targeted insecticides can also help control aphids.

There is, unfortunately, no single solution for the best aphid killer, and you have to try a certain product out to see if it works efficiently.

Final Words

You should be worried about an aphid infestation the day you notice the first signs. There are many ways to control aphids, such as Sevin, vinegar, neem oil, garlic oil, and tomato leaf spray.

One of the best ways is to simply attract insects like lacewings, beetles, and ladybugs who can both deter and kill aphids. Thank you for reading!


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