What Insecticide Kills Springtails

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Are you looking to eliminate a springtail infestation? This article will answer your questions about what insecticide kills springtails.

Springtail infestations are one of the most annoying things to any household. These insects are small, mobile, reproduce quickly, and become very difficult to control even with insecticides.

If you are looking for insecticides and other ways to get rid of outdoor or indoor infestations, this article will help answer some of your questions.


What Insecticide Kills Springtails


Does Windex Kill Springtails?

Windex can be very effective in controlling smaller springtail infestations. It is a stain remover that works on all kinds of intricate stains, so it works on cabinets and hard surfaces too.

The most effective way is to spray directly on springtail nests when you find them. To use it, shake the bottle well before use and spray the solution directly onto the surface where the springtails are nesting.

Allow the solution to sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it away.

Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Springtails?

Ortho Home Defense is one of North America’s most popular and widely used pesticides. It is known to be effective on different types of pests, including springtails.

Apply the product directly to the springtails and their hiding places for best results. Most springtail populations cluster around places with high moisture levels where they can thrive.

Once you use this insecticide on the nests, it creates a layer around the nest and cuts off air circulation for the insects.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully when using Ortho Home Defence. Also, wear masks and gloves and immediately wash yourself after using them.


What Insecticide Kills Springtails


Does Zevo Kill Springtails?

If you are willing to try out a more organic-based product as an insecticide, Zevo can be ideal. With lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, and geraniol as active ingredients, Zevo proves effective on springtail infestations.

It also does not have a strong chemical smell which most pesticides leave behind. Zevo is a natural ingredients-based product that is available in a spray bottle.

You can spray it on outdoor plants as well as damp indoor places. The best idea is to find the nests or colonies of the insects and spray it directly on them.

It is one of the less harmful products since the ingredients are mostly natural. However, you will have to spray it on for at least 4-5 times across a couple of weeks for the results to show.

Does Triazicide Kill Springtails?

Triazicide is an effective insecticide for surface insects like ants, cockroaches, and fleas. It comes in a liquid chemical form that you can spray easily on all surfaces.

This product can be used on springtail infestations as well. Most Triazicide users prefer to rub it on with a cloth or spray it directly on damp surfaces.

This helps to get rid of existing pests and prevents them from spreading further. This product is not the safest to use on plants and soil but works well indoors.



Does DE Kill Springtails?

Diatomaceous earth, also known as DE, is a natural product that can help eliminate springtails. The product is a white powder that you have to scatter in the soil. Though it is not considered the most effective product to control springtails, it can be really helpful for small plants.

If you are trying to get rid of springtails in your potted plants, directly spread the powder on the soil. DE works two-fold by keeping most insects away from the soil and destroying springtail colonies that have infested the plants.

Will Permethrin Kill springtails?

Permethrin is a type of residual insecticide that you can use to control outdoor springtail infestations. It can be an effective insecticide that can kill springtails. You can find permethrin-based products at most hardware and home improvement stores. It is important to make sure to keep children and pets away from a treated area until it is dry.

Springtail infestations can grow at an alarming rate which is why you have to use residual sprays on the nests. This can help cut the air supply and kill the insects quickly.

Can Orkin get rid of springtails?

For most homeowners of North America, Orkin can be the ultimate solution for springtail infestations. The product is available in the form of a spray that you can spray on cabinets, light fixtures, and other surfaces.

Since you can mostly find springtails on damp surfaces, it is more effective to use the spray on the nests. You can use Orkin in both indoor and outdoor environments.

It can be sprayed on the mold and damp walls which are the favorite breeding grounds for most springtail species. Orkin can even prevent springtail infestations from occurring again.


What Insecticide Kills Springtails


Frequently Asked Questions

Do pesticides work on springtails?

Pesticides are not effective against springtails because they do not have an exoskeleton. This means that the pesticide can not penetrate the springtail’s body to kill it.

Additionally, most pesticides target insects, which springtails are not (they are hexapods). Some products may temporarily repel or reduce the number of springtails, but there is no guaranteed way to get rid of them completely.

Does vinegar get rid of springtails?

You can use vinegar to get rid of springtails, but it is not the most effective method. You can also use bleach to get rid of a mild infestation. Both vinegar and bleach are corrosive and can kill springtails.

How do you find a springtail nest?

One way to find a springtail nest is to look for areas where the soil is loose and moist soil. You will find springtails in places with excess moisture and with easy access to organic matter such as leaf litter or mulch.

Will peppermint get rid of springtails?

Springtails will not be able to survive strong scents, so peppermint can get rid of springtails. Spraying a peppermint solution around your home’s perimeter will help keep springtails away. You can also place peppermint plants around your home to help keep springtails away.

Wrap Up

When you are trying to control springtails, there are many options in terms of both natural and chemical insecticides.

But if your house is facing a big infestation, the better option would be to consult a professional pest control service. We hope our suggestions can help you out in fighting springtails. Thank you for reading!


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