Parasitic Wasps

Subject: Is it, could it be… a “Fairy Fly” wasp?
Location: Porto, Portugal
February 27, 2014 5:52 am
Olá WTB?,
I was on the laptop the other night, even looking at WTB when I saw a tiny, tiny bug on the screen, grabbed the camera and took some photos. The bug was very accommodating, apparently quite interested in the light from the computer screen. Finally though I encourage a transfer onto a paper receipt so I could hopefully get some better pics not in a backlit. But, still the tiny bug stretched the limits of my little camera.
It would seem the bug is at least a tiny wasp, but… is it possibly a fairy fly wasp? S/he seems to have long enough antennae and be small enough (that’s my middle finger in one of the photos and I have small hands). The receipt shows numbers on the other side that only measured about 1mm so that’s the size of the little flyer too.
Still February in Porto but the bugs are not waiting.
Thanks again for all you do. 🙂
Signature: Curious Girl

Parasitic Wasp
Parasitic Wasp

Dear Curious Girl,
We are posting your photos, and we hope some eminent expert on Parasitic Hymenopterans can provide you with a conclusive identification, but that is beyond the scope of our ability.  We believe this is some type of Parasitic Wasp, and you can view a wealth of species from North America on BugGuide.   At last, we are getting some rain in Los Angeles, but the experts warn that this is not a sign that the drought has ended as the snow pack is still well below average.  This rain will doubtless result in a fabulous display of desert wildflowers in the coming weeks.

Parasitic Wasp
Parasitic Wasp
Parasitic Wasp
Parasitic Wasp

Cool Daniel.
Do you think it could be Aphidiinae Braconidae (Braconid Wasp)?
Apparently they are part of Integrated Pest Management against aphids (and they get really convoluted when they attack). Funny as I did get a picture of an aphid just outside too that day though I wasn’t trying to get that one.
Here’s a couple bonus pics (though the “bug” doesn’t look much different in them). Hope you find them cool.
Plus, even though I know it messes with your system I’m sending a couple of a different tiny wasp from London’s Hyde Park last September because it came up in my search and they are so similar plus I just realized the victim for this wasp might be on the flower too! You think? I don’t believe I knew either were there when I took the picture. I think I was just trying to get the flower and the bonus was bugs.
Very cool on finally getting some rain, and hopefully some great flowers (take pictures!). I was in Death Valley once when it rained and it seemed almost immediately a bajillion tiny, tiny flowers carpeted the desert. As you no doubt know, lack of rain has not been a problem in this part of the world (especially the UK). When I was there in March ’12 they were thinking there might be a drought, so implemented water conservation only to have the 3rd wettest summer ever (which of course I also was able to experience… ::sigh::).

Parasitic Wasp
Parasitic Wasp checking out WTB?

Hi again Curious Girl,
We couldn’t resist posting your new photo in a shameless bit of self promotion.  We are also including your London image with the same posting, discarding all efforts at “neat” categorizations.  It has been pouring all night in Los Angeles, and we are expecting the rain to stay with us for over 24 hours.  It is a perfect day to stay home by the fire, but alas, we must soon drive to “the valley” for work.  We are not looking forward to the hectic morning commute.

Tiny Wasp
Tiny Wasp from London




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