Broad Headed Bug

Biology Project
Location:  Ottawa, Canada
September 19, 2010 2:52 pm
Hello Bugman,
My name is Natascha and im currently in the middle of a biology project, due on the 27th of September. I have to collect 9 bugs in different taxonomic orders. I found a bug and i cannot identify it. I was hoping you could help. Its black with 6 legs. Thanks a bunch.
Signature:  Natascha

Broad Headed Bug

Hi Natascha,
Normally we have a policy about not doing homework for people, but there was something appealing about the tone of your letter, mainly that it was devoid of desperation, you still have ample time before your project is due, and it seems like you have been doing your own research, all speculation on our part, but nonetheless we have decided to assist you.  We believe this to be a Broad Headed Bug in the family Alydidae, and it most closely resembles
Alydus eurinus which is pictured on BugGuide.

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