Snipe Fly: Chrysopilus basilaris

Strange fly from Texas
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
May 13, 2011 8:19 pm
I have recently noticed a few of these flies on my apartment patio that I have never seen before. They started appearing the last week in April. I haven’t seen more than 3 at any one time, usually only one is hanging around. They are not scared easily and I was able to get VERY close to take pictures without any problem. Seems like they appeared after some recent heavy rain, but I’m not certain there is a connection. Please help me identify this insect, I have more pictures if needed. Thank you for your time.
Signature: Robert E.

Snipe Fly

Dear Robert,
Though we were unable to locate an exact visual match, your fly has the necessary characteristics for us to deduce that it must be a Big Headed Fly in the family Pipunculidae which is profiled on BugGuide.  The identification description is:  “Hemispheric head almost completely made up of the huge compound eyes. Body usually black. Wings tend to be elongated and to be narrowed at the base. Antennae are aristate and the (usually long) arista arises on the dorsal side of the antenna. Dissection of genitalia normally required for identification of species.”  We eagerly welcome our readership to either confirm or make a correction to our identification.

Update:  June 28, 2014
Thanks to a comment, we now know that this is a Snipe Fly,
Chrysopilus basilaris, which can be viewed on BugGuide.

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