Asian Lady Beetle Spiritual Meaning: 9 Things They Signify

Did you recently find an orange ladybug in your home? These beautiful creatures can signify many things. An Asian Lady Beetle spiritual meaning can be anything from friendship to love

Ladybugs, and their yellow-orange cousins, the Asian Lady Beetles, are cute creatures that make a lot of appearances in old stories and folklore. 

They are quite often seen in children’s books due to their bright color and unique appearance. But do you know that these insects hold great spiritual importance in people’s lives?

Asian Lady Beetle Spiritual Meaning
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Some believe that they bring good luck, while others believe that they are great for finding love, and some consider it a good omen to see them. 

The number of beliefs is endless, and in this article, we will discuss most of them, which make these insects so important from a spiritual perspective. 

What Are Orange Ladybugs?

There are different species of orange-colored ladybugs scattered across the globe. The Asian lady beetle is one of the most common of these species. 

These beetles get their name due to the fact that they originated from Asia in countries like Japan, Korea, and more. 

The Asian lady beetles were later transported to different regions of the United States to assist farmers with pest control. 

These species of ladybugs are about 0.25 inches long and have oval-shaped bodies. These tiny orange ladybugs hold immense spiritual significance in different cultures. Let us take a closer look at them. 

What is the Significance of The Color Orange?

The color orange represents cheerful warmth and joy. 

Since red and yellow are the parent colors of orange, they can also represent traits of intellectualism coming from red and high creativity coming from yellow.

Also, the color orange has great importance in terms of the sacral chakra. The main reason behind this is that the color of the sacral chakra is orange. 

It is believed that our sacral chakra is directly connected to our creative abilities, sexual energy, and emotions. 

Orange Ladybug Spiritual Meaning

There are different spiritual meanings behind encountering a ladybug; let us look at a few of them in this section:

Boost in creative abilities

When you spot an orange ladybug, you are likely to experience a significant boost in creative talents. 

Many consider it a good omen to start a new creative journey, like starting a new business or learning a new skill. 

It is believed that after spotting some lady beetles, all the obstacles in your creative journeys will disappear, and your path to success will become clear.

Asian Lady Beetle Spiritual Meaning
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle???


Encourages you to be happy

You might be going through a rough phase in your life, but spotting a ladybug is a massive indicator that you need to take things lightly and start embracing your inner child. 

It is a positive sign that all the problems will slowly fade away as long as you try to be happy like a child. 

Push to try new things

As mentioned above, the spotting of a ladybug is a sign for you to start a new creative journey. It can also be a necessary push that you need to try a few things that you have always wanted to. 

Take that long vacation that you always wanted to, and start learning a skill that always fascinated you. 

Do not limit yourself by thinking that you are not good enough for something. The ladybug will guide you to go beyond these doubts. 

New love or life

In some cultures, people believe that if a ladybug falls on a married person, the couple will soon be blessed with a baby. 

Some even believe that couples can rely on these bugs to predict the number of kids they will have. 

If it falls on a person who is single, there is a chance this person will find love soon. Ladybugs are an excellent sign for lovers and are known to open the love fortunes of different people.

Taking a stand for yourself

Spirit animals are usually the animals that we more often than others. If you spot a ladybug continuously, it might be your spirit animal. 

A ladybug spirit animal pushes you to take a stand for yourself, especially in challenging situations.

Meeting new people

If you see some ladybugs in your dreams, it indicates that you will soon meet new people. Also, the ladybug symbolizes modesty, and this trait is highly attractive to everyone. 

Therefore ladybugs can be considered a sign of new beginnings. 

Asian Lady Beetle Spiritual Meaning
Two-Toned Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Financial trouble 

Spotting ladybugs often lead to good outcomes, but in a few cultures, it is believed that a ladybug can bring substantial financial losses to a person. 

Therefore if you see a ladybug in your dreams, do not make any new investments for a while; it might not go well for you. 

Everlasting friendship 

If two friends get the same ladybug tattoo, it shows that the friendship will last a lifetime for them. It is also proof that this bond of friendship is strong and harmonious.


If you gift a newborn child some ladybird toys, clothes, and more, it is considered a way to bestow blessings upon this kid. 

Orange Ladybug Without Spots Meaning

Spotless ladybugs are a positive sign for people who are looking for love. It is believed that these insects can be the key to meeting your soulmate. 

However, you need to make sure that it is not a spotless Asian beetle. 

These bugs are considered pests and signs of complete bad luck. Therefore before getting your hopes up high, check what species of ladybug it is.

What Does it Mean When an Orange Ladybug Lands on You?

An orange ladybug brings good luck to people who spot them. 

People dealing with heartbreaks can be relieved to see these ladybugs as they spread a message of moving ahead in life and finding someone new. 

You must also make a wish as soon as one lands on you. 

Interestingly if one of these insects lands in your clothes, it signals that you will receive a wardrobe upgrade soon. 

Asian Lady Beetle Spiritual Meaning

Are Orange Ladybugs Good Luck?

Orange ladybugs are signs of good luck, but sometimes they can also provide warning signs for people in need. 

If you see a ladybug in your dreams, it can be a warning of some troubling times that are looming ahead. You can use those signs to be careful and prepare for tough times. 

Also, there is an Ancient Christian belief that these ladybugs protect the crops. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Asian lady beetles symbolize?

Asian ladybugs are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity and many different cultures. 
It is also believed that these insects are great for the love fortune of people and couples. Some consider it a signal of increasing creativity and happiness as well.

Do Asian lady beetles bring good luck?

Yes, the Asian lady beetles are largely considered a sign of good luck. They are also considered a sign of happiness and warmth. 
Spotting these beetles can lead to increased creativity and can ensure success in new creative endeavors. 

What do ladybugs represent spiritually?

Ladybugs are spiritual representatives of several positive signs. If you spot a ladybug, you are likely to experience success in a creative field. 
You will be blessed with a positive turn in your love life. Also, these insects provide a sign that you need to start trying new things that you have always wanted to do. 

What does the Bible say about ladybugs?

According to the Bible, ladybugs bring gifts and joy to people. It brought oil for Jesus and wine for Mary. They also brought the bread to God the Father. 
Therefore people believe that these bugs will be the bringers of different gifts like jewels, clothes, and more. 

Wrap Up

Ladybugs hold great spiritual importance in many cultures, and if you spot one, you might be on the receiving end of abundant blessings and luck. 

We hope this article will be useful in understanding the spiritual importance of these insects. Thank you for taking the time to read the piece.

Reader Emails

Our readers have often reminded us that bugs are not just interesting denizens of the world – they often have a deeper connection with nature and can bring different messages to our lives.

The yellow and orange Asian Lady Beetles are one such bug that holds deep spiritual meaning in many of our lives. Here are a few emails that will help you understand this better.

Letter 1 – Multi-Colored Asian Ladybird Beetle


Ladybug Pic for your Collection
I haven’t been able to ID it. 12 red spots on black background. Feel free to post it.
Santa Ana, CA

Hi Roya,
We cannot locate a match on BugGuide. We will see if Eric Eaton has a clue about this Ladybird Beetle.

Very exciting! Heres a head shot to help identify it and in case i’m mistaken about it being a ladybird.

Eric Eaton wrote back to us with this information: ” Hi, Daniel: My first thought is that this could simply be one of the color variants of the multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis. I believe there is a chart somewhere out in the world wide web that shows some of the many variations for that species. I’ve contacted my publisher to suggest that they buy advertising for my book on WTB, if that agrees with you? You should hear from someone at Houghton Mifflin in the next week or two.
Eric “

I think this is a Hyperaspis species, and presumably it is something exotic… I couldn’t find the species. The closest I could get (not very close at all, because it’s 10-spot rather than 12-spot, and yellow spots rather than red ones) was illustration 2 on this page, which shows a Hyperaspis species with a tentative ID of jocosa.

Update: (03/10/2007)
Thanks Eric for the correct ID! Wow, I had no idea what a staggeringly variable species Harmonia axyridis is in terms of color morphs: it has an unbelievable degree of variation! Yes, that chart you are talking about does show this red-spotted 12-spot form at: And there is a picture of a somewhat similar Harmonia axyridis individual which has 12 orange spots at:

Letter 2 – Ashy Gray Lady Beetle, dark form


Ladybug – Black with 2 yellow eye spots Location:  (Southern CA) Newhall California 91321 August 17, 2010 12:42 am Hey There Bugman I have a background in Entomology but I cant identify this ladybug. Can you help? I have never found one quite like this. It definately has that ”Mimic” sort of eye spots going for it check it out. Found Summer 2010 on Blackberry Chris Irons
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Hi Chris, Sadly, some of the important characteristics, like the markings on the thorax, are missing from your photos because of the camera angle and the leaf in the foreground, but we believe we have found a close match with a photo of a Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle, Harmonia axyridis, that is posted on BugGuide.  The BugGuide information page for the species does indicate a C Spot pattern, but your pattern is reversed from the one illustrated.
Lady Beetle
Correction: November 23, 2010 We just received the following comment correcting our previous identification:  “This is Olla v-nigrum. Harmonia has more wide white parts on thorax and, as mentioned above, reversed C-shaped spot.


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    I think you probably made a great guess. Thanks for your help. I figured it would fly away before I could catch it, and I didnt want to damage it either.

    What wonderful diversity this species has.

    • Thanks again for this correction. Your efforts to properly identify all of our misidentifications regarding the Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle are greatly appreciated.

  2. Wow! Sorry this response is comming so late. Thank you to all for your efforts and shared knowledge. I have never seen another lady beetle like this although I am always looking.


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