Are Ladybugs Good Luck? 6 Things Ladybugs Symbolize

Bright red colored ladybugs are friends of farmers and the subject of many children’s rhymes. But are ladybugs good luck charms? In this article, we discuss the symbolism of ladybugs.

Ladybugs are beautiful creatures that give you a good feeling whenever you spot them. But do you know that lady beetles are also considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity?

Continue reading if you are intrigued to learn more about ladybugs and whether they are the bringer of good fortune, amongst other things.

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

Are Ladybugs Friendly?

The many colors and patterns on ladybugs’ bodies make them immensely loved and appreciated by humans.

They look graceful and are pretty harmless to us.

They are also a boon to farmers, for a single lady beetle can consume more than 5,000 aphids in a single lifetime.

Their round, shiny, and red-black colored body is considered a symbol of love and luck in many Asian cultures. So, it can be said that ‘lucky ladybugs’ are friendly.

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

Many cultures believe that spotting a ladybug in particular for days can be a sign of good luck. However, there is more to the spiritual significance of the ladybug symbol.

So, what does a ladybug symbolize?

Here are five spiritual meanings behind what the ladybird beetle symbolizes.

Ladybugs are good luck charms.

It’s believed that if a ladybug lands on you, it is a kiss of good luck. The luck charms of these insects hold pretty significance in many cultures.

For example, even if you see a single ladybug crawling in your garden or property, be assured that it will keep your plants safe from aphid infestation!

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

Lady bugs are a symbol of protection.

Lady bugs eat up aphids, keeping the plants healthy and alive for a long time.

Thus, they are associated with protecting the spirit from danger and warding-off negative energy from your surroundings.

Ladybugs bring true love.

If you keep spotting ladybugs now and then, it can also be a sign that your true love is on your way or someone you like might be your forever person.

Ladybugs also share a connection with fertility, rebirth, and other ways of feeling love.

Lady bugs signal fertility and rebirth.

As discussed briefly, these graceful creatures also symbolize rebirth and fertility.

Since ladybugs come out to play during the coming spring season, which is warmer weather after winter., they symbolize rebirth and signal infertility.

They also signal adaptability.

Many associate ladybugs with metamorphosis, which can also mean adaptability, resilience, and growth.

As per star writer and author Linda Star Wolf, ladybugs go through several life stages, coming out in spring after a long winter rest, which makes them symbolic of adaptability.

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

Are Ladybugs Good Luck in Feng Shui?

As discussed, ladybugs are symbolic of many things, including good luck. They are bright, graceful, and harmless to human beings, making them a strong contender for beauty, love, and luck.

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that guides you in working with the flow of energy of your home or surroundings to get rid of bad luck and live a grateful and abundant life. 

This beautiful art’s principles can be associated with the ladybug’s good luck charm.

Firstly, color is significant in Feng Shui and tells much about the energy of significant symbols. 

A ladybug is typically red with black spots. As per Chinese art, the color red is a fire element, which means auspicious.

Fire element also indicates vitality, expansion, and positive life energy (also known as qi). Besides luck, red is also associated with vibrancy, prosperous energy, and protection. 

Thus, it invites dynamic, life-giving energy to your house and protects your surroundings from negative energy – just like ladybugs protect plants from infestation.

As per Feng Shui theory, the black ladybug spots are connected to the water element, which signals wisdom, elegance, and flow of energy to tone down the red qi energy. 

So, yes, ladybugs symbolize good luck in Feng Shui.

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

What Does It Mean When a Ladybug Lands on You?

As per Jenelle Kim, a doctor in Chinese medicine and wellness expert, if a ladybug lands on you, it is a sign that good luck and good fortune are on their way to you. 

Ladybugs are native to Asian countries, and so, in many Asian cultures, this beetle family member is a spiritual messenger of good luck, prosperity, and all positive things.

Apart from good luck and prosperity, when a ladybug lands on you, here’s what it may mean for you.

  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Purity
  • Righteousness
  • Conversion
  • Success
  • Discovery
  • Appreciation
  • Abundance
  • Positivity and more.

Having this beautiful creature land on you is always a good sign. It is like a kiss from all the good things about to manifest in your life. So, accept the blessings!

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

Why Are Ladybugs A Symbol of Luck?

Many cultures across the world tell stories about ladybugs carrying strokes of luck. 

The most popular among these stories is the one that goes back to the reign of King Robert II of France (972-1031)

The story goes like this: A prisoner was sentenced to death even after pleading innocent many times.

On the day of the execution, a ladybug repeatedly interrupted the event by landing on the condemned man’s neck again and again. 

The king believed it to be divine intervention and halted the man from going to the gallows.

Being a spiritual and wise man, he decided to take some time to consider the pleadings of the prisoner. 

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

It was later revealed that the man was innocent and was allowed to walk free.

Since then, French people have believed that when a ladybird beetle lands on you, all your problems and sickness will be gone. 

However, you will be cursed for life if you kill it intentionally.

In Belgium, ladybugs are considered messengers of good news, specifically, marriage. On the other hand, in Britain, they symbolize good weather. 

Italian mothers believe that if a ladybug lands on their baby’s cradle, they will live a life full of love, luck, and happiness.

It is typically believed in many cultures that if a ladybug lands on you, your every wish will come true. Moreover, the brighter the color of its wings, the stronger your luck will be. 

In the same way, the more the number of black spots on its wings, the more months good luck will stay with you.

What Do Ladybugs Mean in the Bible?

As per the Bible, Ladybugs are a valid symbol of luck in the form of gifts. For instance, ladybugs were the bringer of oil to Jesus, wine to Mother Mary, and bread to God. 

The Bible directs that a ladybug is a carrier of all things good and positive, so humans should embrace their presence in their lives.

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

What Do Ladybugs in Your House Mean?

Whether a red or yellow ladybug in your house, it will bring luck and prosperity to your house through several channels. 

Most people believe that spotting ladybugs in your house out of nowhere means rebirth or fertility, which directs a new addition to the family.

However, if the ladybug infestation in your house leads to stains in your household items and unpleasant odor in your rooms, it is a good idea to get rid of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Ladybugs Mean?

Ladybugs are small, round beetles that typically have red bodies with black spots. In many cultures, they are considered a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and happy life.

What Are Ladybugs a Sign Of?

Many species of ladybugs are considered to symbolize good luck, happiness, good fortune, fertility, rebirth, growth, and more. Many cultures also associate them with protection, creativity, purity, and prosperity.

What Does It Mean When You See a Ladybug?

If a ladybug lands on you, it can mean many good things, depending on how you look at them. They are typically considered a symbol of good luck, great fortune, fertility, happiness, and rebirth.

What color of ladybug is good luck?

It is believed that the red-colored ladybug brings the most luck to humans. Many say that the more fierce the red color of a ladybug’s coat, the better the luck that’s about to come into the person’s life.

Wrap Up

Ladybugs are beautiful creatures, so it is not wrong to believe that they bring good luck and happiness to every person they land on.

So, the next time you spot a fierce-red ladybug crawling on you, embrace the gifts soon to reach you.


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