what’s hidding behind the door?
Location: Decorah Iowa
July 8, 2011 4:48 pm
’Ello. Found this beetle outside the back door. I live in an apt that’s half underground so there are cement steps and a covered drain (he did not get in that way) out the back door. I have lived in northeast iowa for tweny years and haven’t seen this beetle before. this is the second unknown large beetle I’ve found in 3 days! Was able to identify the first one (a beautiful ”caterpillar hunter”), but can only find ones that kind of look like this one. The closest identificatin I could find was the Eger’s earth boring beetle, but I’m not sure this is correct due to the antennas (please excuse my lack of bug speech).
He is black and just over an inch long. I have included photos taken with my phone. I appreciate any help you can give and thank you for your time. 🙂
Signature: Surprised in Iowa

Female Stag Beetle

Dear Surprised in Iowa,
Because of the large mandibles and clubbed antennae, we believe this is a female Stag Beetle.  It looks very similar to
Lucanus placidus, which we found on Bugguide and there are records of sightings from Iowa.  The front legs are quite distinctive, and they match this image from BugGuide.  We have contacted Eric Eaton to get his opinion.

Female Stag Beetle

Location: Iowa

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