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Dear Bugman,
I sent an e-mail yesterday asking for a bug identification. I noticed on your site today that you posted a picture from Stephanie from Austin, Tx. The picutre was kinda blurry but the bugs looked a lot like the pic I took. I will send it again for you and hope this clears it up for Stephanie and myself. Thanks,

Hi Brent,
Before we contacted Eric Eaton, we suspected Stephanie’s creatures might be Zelus Assassin Bug hatchlings. Eric dispelled that suspicion by pointing out that Assassin Bugs do not lay eggs in rows. Eric believes the hatchlings are Coreid Bugs. Your photo is of a Zelus Assassin nymph, the original suspicion we had about Stephanie’s hatchlings. Your specimen is Zelus longipes, the Milkweed Assassin Bug.

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