Zebra Jumper from Canada

Location: Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
November 27, 2011
Hi Bugman!
… The final one is of a jumping spider. Not technically bugs (or even insects!), but I thought I might send it in. All pictures were taken the same place as the skipper, along a rocky beach. …

Zebra Jumper

Hi again Geoff,
We believe your Jumping Spider is a Zebra Jumper,
Salticus scenicus, based on photos posted to BugGuide.  We believe this is another new species for our website, and though we greatly appreciate the photo, we have an additional request.  Our readership tends to desire information as much as they like to see nice photos.  Since it is now probably very cold in Canada, we suspect your photos were taken earlier in the year or perhaps in some previous year.  It would be very helpful to have that information.  Also, it would be nice to get any information on behavior or unusual conditions that accompanied the sighting.

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