Ypsilon Stink Bug from Barbados

Subject: Colorful Stinkbug from Barbados
Location: Barbados
March 5, 2014 6:59 am
Hi Bugman,
I was wondering if you can identify this stinkbug, as i dont remember ever seeing any so colourful here (only usually see plain green or brown ones).
*Update* – on further research I think that it may be mormidea cf ypsilon. Can you confirm this?
Signature: Niaz

Stink Bug
YpsilonStink Bug

Dear Niaz,
We are sorry we did not have an opportunity to respond to your original request, and we are happy you did some research and wrote back to us.  There is an image of
Mormidea cf. ypsilon on the American Insects website and it looks like a perfect match to your individual.  The American Insects website states:  “Linnaeus described the Ypsilon Stink Bug in 1758. It is the most widespread species in the genus, found from San Luis Potosí, Mexico south to northern Argentina and Uruguay. It is also found on Nevis, St. Vincent, and other islands of the Lesser Antilles (Rolston, 1978).  In Mormidea ypsilon the shoulders may be rounded narrowly, or else are spinose. The scutellum is longer than wide. The membrane is somewhat smoky. The basal antennal segment is pale, variously streaked in a darker color. The remaining antennal segments are dark, with the exception of narrow pale-colored bands on the fourth and fifth segments (Rolston, 1978).  The specific epithet, of course, refers to the ivory to yellowish marking shaped like a Greek Y.”   It is also pictured on Project Noah.

Ypsilon Stink Bug
Ypsilon Stink Bug

The other insect in your images looks like some species of Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.

Ypsilon Stink Bug
Ypsilon Stink Bug

Thanks for the confirmation. honestly that research took me a couple days, i dont know how you handle so many requests so quickly! As for the other insect i thought it was just a nymph/juvenile of the same stinkbug.

Alas, we are quite unable to provide responses to many of the requests that we receive because there just never seems to be enough time in the day.



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