You've Got Flesh Flies

Location: St. Louis, MO
June 22, 2011 10:55 am
Recently my family and I have noticed flies in our kitchen. (They look bigger
than normal houseflies, and are showing up in great numbers.) We don’t know
where they are coming from or what type they are. The flies have red eyes, red
head, and a hairy body.
-The Fogarty Family
Signature: The Fogarty Family

Flesh Fly

Dear Fogarty Family,
You have Flesh Flies.  Some species breed in rotting meat and others breed in other types of rotting organic matter.  In our Glassell Park studio in the 1980s, we had a horrible infestation of Flesh Flies that bred in the rotting potatoes under the kitchen sink.  Take out the garbage more frequently especially when the weather is especially warm.

2 thoughts on “You've Got Flesh Flies”

  1. I found, what looked like dark colored maggots, around a wet spot. I took it to be feces and urine from whatever has been getting into my under-sink areas in kitchen and bathroom. My dog has been going nuts, trying to get at something in my cold air registers, in my mobile home. I have mouse traps set, but I think I’m dealing with something bigger than a mouse. Does one thing have anything to do with the other?


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