Yellowjacket Hover Fly

Bee-like hummingbird moth from central Missouri.
Hello there!
My wife and I were reading quietly on a nice Saturday afternoon when we noticed a strange buzzing noise coming from the patio. When we went to look we saw this fellow darting through the air. Its wings moved so fast that we couldn’t see them when it was in flight. At first we were afraid it may be a stinger, but after watching its behavior we recognized it as a hummingbird moth. While taking photographs it started hovering around observing us! After a couple more minutes it darted off like a bullet. What a beauty!
Ryan Wolf from Columbia Missouri

Hello Ryan,
We were pleasantly surprised when we opened your attachment. We have no shortage of Hummingbird Moth photos, but your image is a new species for us. This is not a moth but a fly. To be more exact, it is a Yellowjacket Hover Fly, Milesia virginiensis. Thank you for adding to our archive.

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