Subject: bee vs wasp
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
October 8, 2013 4:33 pm
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Season: October
Let me first say, thank you for this website. You have saved me many panic attacks of ’what is the spider in the shower with me and will it kill me’ moments.
Now then, the age-old (laymen’s) question of is it a bee or a wasp.
The photos I am submitting are of a handsome fellow that represents the sort of company I keep during lunch every day. I find them to be quite harmless, rather sociable (sitting on my arm or leg to clean or check out what I am eating), curious and quite handsome (did I say that already?)
To me, this is a bee. I know, not a bumblebee and probably not a honeybee, but to me, this is a bee. Everyone else who sits with me says it is a wasp. Generally, three or four come to visit while we eat outside and I am the only one who is not bothered.
Bee or wasp? I’ll trust your final word.
Signature: Katherine


Hi Katherine,
This Yellowjacket is a social Wasp closely related to the Hornets.  Yellowjackets are often attracted to picnics and garbage cans with food where they feed on sugary liquids and they return with the nest with meaty proteins to feed the larvae.  See BugGuide for additional information.

Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to answer me. 🙂
Since I am so popular with them, I was hoping for some sort of “bee whisper” title. But ‘Mother to Wasps’ works just as well. hahahah.
Thanks again!

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