Yellow Jacket Hover Fly or Good News Bee

Subject: Yellow Jacktet Hover Fly
Location: Pittsburg, PA
September 10, 2013 10:08 am
Not a question, just sending for your info, as I couldn’t find a sighting that wasn’t in a southern state. I wrote you before I figured out what he was. Once I had, it did it was from southern states, and I’m in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve lived here 8 years and never saw him until this spring, and since then he visited me every day. Today he was on my hand and other areas repeatedly, and for long periods. Glad I knew by then he wasn’t a very large hornet!
Signature: Michelle

Yellow Jacket Hover Fly
Yellow Jacket Hover Fly

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for sending us your fun photo of a Yellow Jacket Hover Fly,
Milesia virginiensis.  Though most of our submissions are from the south, BugGuide lists the range as extending even further north than Pittsburgh.  We love the common name Good News Bee which you can read about on Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

Update:  September 4, 2018
Dead Link On What’s That Bug
Your letter to the bugman:  Hey What’s That Bug Team
Ann here, from A Green Hand
I’m writing a post (for A Green Hand) on the topic of Good News Bee, and I actually found one of What’s That Bug
The link is in this post.
It goes to this page:
It looks like it used to be a guide about Good News Bee, but Beautiful Wildlife Garden removed it a while back.
We actually have a similar information to Good News Bees here – it might make a nice replacement?
(just to clarify, we DO talk about Good News Bees in this article, which is what you’re talking about in the guide on What’s That Bug)
Either way, just thought I’d let you know! – we’ll be mentioning and linking to you in our guide.

Thanks Ann,
We have linked to A Green Hand.

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  1. Hey I was camping in east otto state forest, East Otto, NY.I seen these for the first time. I just had to look them up. Thanks for the info.

  2. My daughter has seen two of these near our house in Fenton Michigan!! I have a picture of one on our screen, but as this is my first post to this site, ever, I don’t see where I can upload it.


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