Subject: Yellow Faced Bumble Bee???
Location: Agate Beach Oregon coast
August 9, 2012 2:33 pm
I found this guy on my first trip to the Pacific coast. I was looking for seashells in the tide when I saw what I thought was a beetle at first moving extremely slow. I used a tiny piece of driftwood to pick him up. He proceded to crawl up my arm and groom himself. I was attempting to get a closer look at him in my hand when he climbed onto my nose. He walked up my face and nested in my hair and dried himself for a least 45 minutes while we continued to look for shells on the beach. As we left the beach I removed him from my hair and placed him in a beautiful flower bush where he finally fluttered his wings. He actually looked more fuzzy like a bee by the time he was placed in the flowers. (My phone battery had died at that point so I didn’t get another picture)
I hope he went on to live a happy bee life.
He looks similar to the other Yellow Faced Bumble Bees on your site but I’m only guessing. Could he have stung me?
I love your site it has helped me identify many bugs and spiders.
Thank you
Signature: Anna

Yellow Faced Bumble Bee rescued from surf.

Hi Anna,
It is difficult to be be certain since salt water has altered its appearance, but we agree that this is most likely a Yellow Faced Bumble Bee,
Bombus vosnesenskii.  Though Bumble Bees are not aggressive, they are capable of stinging.  Because of your kind deed, we are tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian AwardBugGuide has some nice images of Yellow Faced Bumble Bees under more typical circumstances.

Yellow Faced Bumble Bee dries out.

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response and the bug humanitarian award. 🙂 it made my day. I’m glad my little bee friend played nicely and didn’t sting me in the face. I have more pictures of myself with a bee on my face than I do of the actual coast. I got so focused on him I forgot to take other pictures.
Thanks again


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Location: Oregon

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