Subject: Identifying a beetle
Location: Hugo, MN
August 2, 2012 5:48 pm
I thought I had the attached identified as a borer, the antenna are feathery so then I thought a net-winged beetle but it eludes me. Found in northern Minnesota. I hope you can help.
Signature: Jerry

Yellow Collared Scape Moth

Hi Jerry,
Net-winged Beetle was a very good guess because they mimic some moths and this is a Yellow Collared Scape Moth,
Cisseps fulvicollisAccording to BugGuide, they are found in:  “Fields with flowers. Adults commonly seen visiting flowers during the day; adults also fly at night, and are attracted to light.”  Do you happen to know the flower in your photo?  Was it wild or in a garden?  This is our first photo of this species this year.

Thank you. This was taken by a friend of mine near a farm on wild growing flowers. I’ll let her know.

Location: Minnesota

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