some kind of beetle?
Dear Bugman,
I found this bug crawling in the hallway of our home in San Francisco, CA. Sorry about the blurry photos — it was a fast mover and I’m not good with the digital camera. It had wings, but didn’t use them much. I’ve never seen this bug inside or outside, so it piqued my curiosity. Thanks!

Hi Julie,
We can’t seem to find an exact identification for your Long Horned Borer Beetle, Family Cerambycidae, in our old Dillon and Dillon Beetle Book, but fear not as we have several beetle experts who will probably be notifying us shortly.

Ed. Note: We just received this information.
(08/09/2005) identifications
Hello – I was recently shown your site, and it is excellent. My specialization is longhorned beetles, and in cruising around I notice a number of incomplete or uncertain IDs for this family. I don’t know if you are interested in receiving this sort of input, but if you are, I offer the following additions to your identifications.
This is Xestoleptura crassicornis, an uncommonly collected species which typically breeds in older, dried pine logs, and is found throughout most of the forested portions of the north and central coast, and inland in southern CA.Keep up the good work. You are a valuable resource.
Frank Hovore

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