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I love your website and was interested in publishing info about 1 bug in a local inflight magazine here in Costa Rica. It’s a bimonthly publication that reaches about 75,000 people per edition. We would credit your website and include the URL with each featured bug. It would also be translated into Spanish (bilingual pub.). Would this be of interest to you?
Claire Saylor

Yes.  Please provide additional details.  Do you want to use images from the website?  Content from the website?
Daniel Marlos

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your quick response! The idea would be to post it in the same Q&A format that you use with the photo submitted by the reader (we could probably find the species picture elsewhere if that poses a problem, but the details are key to show what part of CR the bug is found in). It would only be 5 total bugs (1 per edition) as a side bar. If you have any other ideas please send them on, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Claire Saylor

OR — I can submit a bug picture with an answer from you guys to start the section and we get our readers to submit future photos so it wouldn’t be reproduction and both your website and our magazine can publish the answer. Tell me if you prefer this option!

Hi again Claire,
I am fine with the photos and credit being used provided there is a credit.  Clicking the photos on the posting will provide a larger file that would probably be better for print.  Older postings do not have that feature, so the images on the website are smaller.  If you want to submit photos for use on the website, that is also fine, but as summer approaches, the number of letters greatly increases, and unless you catch my attention (putting Daniel in the subject line as well as the subject helps) letters might get overlooked.
Thanks for your interest.

Dear Daniel,
That sounds great! I appreciate your interest in collaborating. How would you like the credit to read? Two options are I could write a short intro about teaming up with Whats That Bug and put your website URL at the bottom, Or just write a formal credit line: “This information was provided courtesy of www.Whatsthatbug.com, for more information on Costa Rican insects, visit their website”
Our next edition doesn’t come out till April so there’s some time to think it through!
Best regards,
Claire Saylor

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