Would you take an Online Photo class with the Bugman?

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your wonderful reply!

Ms. Muffet

Giant Conifer Aphid on a Sharpee

Hi again Ms. Muffet,
We finally got around to posting your photo of a Giant Conifer Aphid on a Sharpee.  We always have our photo students use a Sharpee on RC prints, but a nice #2 pencil on Fiber Based paper is best.  Tell me Ms. Muffet, do you think people would want to take a Community College Photo Class with me for $36 a unit?  I am going to explore teaching an online class, but that takes a year to get through curriculum.  LACC could offer a course in Digital Macro Photography of Nature and the best students can have galleries on What’s That Bug.  Though we teach digital photography classes, we do not have an online curriculum developed yet.   I would like your permission to use your photo of a Giant Conifer Aphid found on the yule tree grown in Washington County Maryland in this posting advertising this exciting possibility.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear readers, if you think it is a good idea to take an online college credit Photography class with the Bugman, Daniel Marlos, MFA Art Center College of Design 1992 for $108, please leave a comment.  If I can promise 100 students to generate FTES for a struggling campus, I may be able to get permission from the VP of Academic Affairs.

4 thoughts on “Would you take an Online Photo class with the Bugman?”

  1. Cool! I’m not sure if it’s an example of what to do or what not to do, but the photo is all yours.

    Count me in for the photo course! What hardware requirements will there be? I’m using a new camera (Sony SLT A33) and the only lens I have for it so far is a wide range zoom. It isn’t really intended to do macro. For that shot I was relying on the camera’s 14MP and cropping. (And lots of tweaking with Photoshop. And an old photo-enlarger rig I use as an animation stand.) But just this last week I’ve learned about putting another lens, reversed, in front to get super macro. That’s how I got the silhouette shot, but I was just holding the additional lens (an old 50mm from a ancient film camera) by hand in front, and between that and the aphid’s itchy feet, it took about 20 tries to get that one marginally decent shot. So afterwards I ordered a coupling ring for the two lenses, & I’m looking forward to playing with it a lot more. At $6.99, it beats buying a macro lens!

    I’m very excited about your plan and hope you get enough of us for the class.

    Ms Muffet

    • Hi again Ms Muffet,
      There was some Stream of Consciousness writing in my reply that was triggered by the Sharpie, and that led to the idea. It is still much to raw of an idea for me to provide too many details, but if this does come to fruition, there will definitely be an announcement comment that should come your way via this posting. Stay tuned.


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