Worst Story Ever: Cockroach Infestation in Poland cured with Borax Potato Balls

cockroach infestation cured by pharmacist
May 4, 2011 7:55 pm
Hi there.  This is possibly a candidate for Worst Stories Ever…I don’t know if you approve of killing cockroaches, so perhaps this will be an unwelcome post, but I have a feeling you don’t approve of them living in your home with you. 🙂
I have a story about my grandma in Poland who, through her pharmacist’s suggestion, was able to end her horrible cockroach infestation with nothing more than what she had around the house and an hour of her time.
My grandma lives in a very old building and has not had the money to do any upkeep for many years.  After visiting her one time I looked forward to my next visit, as she raised me, and was horrified upon getting there, to find out that she was dealing with a cockroach infestation.  Although an animal fan, I am beyond scared when it comes to crawly things that live with you.  They were in the fridge, on the floor, walked on top of the couch, and fell on my hand once when I opened the light.  She was already used to it.  I barely survived staying there 2 weeks, but a year later I got the news that the infestation was over.
How is this possible?  I was dreading my grandmother coming down with some illness and having nightmares of them taking over the house, and here they just disappeared?  Apparently she had gone to the pharmacy, as she often needed to for her meds, and happen to mention the problem.  The pharmacist told her the cure-all and within a couple of weeks (if not faster) it was over.
She boiled some potatoes till they were soft, and rolled them into balls with (sorry I’m not sure) either borax or another laundry detergent, and placed them around the house, and in the closets, etc.  The balls disappeared and they’ve never returned.
Is this a known solution? I don’t care either way though – I’ve never been so thankful for a mass murder! 🙂
Signature: Maggie

Hi Maggie,
We do not think less of your grandmother for using the described method to rid her home of Cockroaches.  Boric Acid is a well known insect deterrent.  Here is an interesting account we found on the internet.  Here is an account of Borax used to deter ants.

2 thoughts on “Worst Story Ever: Cockroach Infestation in Poland cured with Borax Potato Balls”

  1. Hi Maggie…Apparently, me and the wife have applied the same solution at our home. The idea is that the roaches are attracted to potato and naturally they come out to grab a bite. The boric acid contained in the potato diffuses their ability since it is poisonous and eventually the pests fall sick and die.

    Hoping it works…fingers crossed!!

    PS: Suggestion was from the mother in law 😀

  2. The cockroaches ATE the potato borax balls and died. Ants will eat it too. Or at least track it back to the others which kills them too. The potato’s ensure that they WILL consume it.


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