Work Party Elyria Canyon Park: Sunday September 25, 2011

Meet at the Red Barn in Elyria Canyon Park at 9:30 AM.

From Left: Clare, Elizabeth, Jerry, Monique, Mark, Julia and Julia with her dog on a leash.

The Coyote Melon is a squash plant that has taken root in the meadow near the big dead walnut tree, and it is beginning to set fruit.  This sprawling plant is a native and it can be found wild on the hill on a winding hairpin curve above La Abeja restaurant on the East Side of Mt Washington in the Greater Cypress Park Neighborhood.

Coyote Melon Plant

We expect native bees are pollinating the blossoms and perhaps getting trapped inside when the blossoms close.

Coyote Melon Blossoms

For more information on the Coyote Melon or Coyote Gourd, Cucurbita palmata, visit Cold Splinters.  There are some beautiful photos on Northern California Flora.

Two unripe Coyote Melons

Update:  September 25, 2011
Due to a very low turnout of volunteers and the absence of one of the cohosts, the work party ended a bit early today after plants in the nursery were watered and some Castor Beans and Poison Hemlock were pulled out.




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