Woolly Bear Hatchlings, we believe

tiny cone pattern shape eggs with bugs
Location: plano, texas
April 3, 2012 6:42 pm
I have these small bunch of cone pattern what look like eggs on my house i can see some small bugs but to small to tell what they look like or what it is some on my fence can’t find any thing of what it is
Signature: dbarber

Woolly Bear Hatchlings

Dear dbarber,
These appear to be newly hatched Tiger Moth Caterpillars, commonly called Woolly Bears.  The female moth often lays her eggs on the side of a building or other structure.  We cannot say for certain if our identification is correct, but we have a strong suspicion we are right.  The images we have linked to are not of a Texas species, but eggs and hatchlings of many Tiger Moths look similar.

Thanks that look’s like what it is i have been seeing these on my house for years and never knew what it was I do see those moths around my house all the time there’s one on my screen door right now. Thanks for the information

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