Woolly Bear Hatchlings, we believe

Subject: Small bug size of rice on wall
Location: Austin, Texas near/on lake USA
January 20, 2013 9:11 pm
Found this one night when I came home on the wall. They were all together just hanging out. The size of a piece of rice each of them are. That’s about all I know. Email me if you have any questions or I can help.
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Possibly Woolly Bear Hatchlings

We believe these are newly hatched Tiger Moth Caterpillars, which are called Woolly Bears.  There are many North American Tiger Moths and we are not certain of the species.  Tiger Moths are frequently attracted to lights and females will lay eggs on wall.

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  1. noticed a small patch on my wall. I live in the Monterey, CA area. I notice these on my wall. scared me because I didn’t know what they were. so I took tape- placed it over them and pressed hoping not to drop any. I then placed the tape in a plastic zip bag untill I could figure out what they were. they look just like what you have up on the site.


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