Woolly Aphid, probably

an insect I’ve seen no where else
Location:  roughly 47 degrees N & 116 W
October 6, 2010 6:46 pm
I live in north Idaho in the pan handle near spokane washington. There is a flying insect that comes around at the end of the summer & early autumn I’ve never seen anywhere else & can’t seem to find it in anything online. So its a very small gnat sized insect, with very large wings compared to its body, which is a bluish/grayish almost striped in color. It also has a white fuzzy rear end that makes it appear as though its cotton from the trees flying around. I didn’t have a camera good enough to take such close pictures of this insect the 1 I will send isn’t good enough to identify I’m sure.
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Woolly Aphid, presumably

Dear Please send me an email back
Seriously, there is no way we can identify anything from your photo, but from your description, we can guess that perhaps you are seeing Woolly Aphids.  Here is a nice image on BugGuide for comparison.  BugGuide classifies them in the subfamily Eriosomatinae.  Your photo gave us a good laugh this morning, but at least your verbal description contained helpful information.  Our readership might be surprised at the number of people who provide us with blurry photos of what appears to be dust, and then hysterically demand to know “What is this?”

Well the link you sent of the picture is exactly what the insect is. I thank you for your help & time & will return to you anytime I need to find info out about insects & other creatures. I’m glad you got a laugh from the photo I knew no one would be able to differ what it could be as I said camera isn’t very good.

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