Subject: Identify bug
Location: Davidson
November 12, 2016 11:25 am
Hi we would like to know what type of bug my son had in his basement bathroom. Seems to come from under the corner shower.
Signature: Flo


Dear Flo,
These are Woodlice or Sowbugs, and children commonly call them Rollie-Pollies because they curl into balls.  They are harmless, and though they are normally found outdoors in the garden, they can sometimes be found in damp areas indoors.  Where is Davidson?

Thanks for the response.  Davidson is between Saskatoon Saskatchewan and Regina Saskatchewan (about half way).
Is there anything we can use to get rid of them?
Thanks again,

Thanks for the clarification.  We do not provide extermination advice.

1 thought on “Woodlice”

  1. As a kid, we called these guys potato bugs too. I was shocked when I learned what an actual potato bug was later, lol.
    I still enjoy flicking roly polies into balls 🙂


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