Wood Wasp from Canada

Subject: Bug identity
Location: Nova Scotia Canada
January 27, 2016 9:12 am
We have found 5 of these in our house …Please help us identify what it is …Thank you
Signature: Paula Hurley

Wood Wasp
Wood Wasp

Dear Paula,
Do you have firewood in the house?  We believe this Wood Wasp and its coevals emerged from firewood because their normal development was accelerated due to the heat indoors.  Your individual is most likely in the genus
Xiphydria, and because of its dark antennae, it most closely resembles the images of Xiphydria tibialis posted to BugGuide.

Yes we do…Thank you very much my husband thought it looked like a form of a wasp..hope they don’t sting …thank you so much for the quick response 🙂

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