spider with babies
Location: Barnum, MN
July 6, 2011 4:41 pm
Hi Bugman!
My Sister took this photo while visiting my Mom last week July 1, 2011 in Barnum, MN Just wondering if you could help us identify the spider. Hope you can blow this photo up a little so you can see the babies on the Mom’s abdomen and yes that’s the egg sack below her and to the back of her abdomen. I don’t have any spider identification books so I’m at a loss. I remember growing up in the woods and seeing lots of wolf spiders…but I’m really not certain.
Hope you can help and hope you enjoy the photo! Have a wonderful day, Heidi
Signature: Heidi Sims

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Hi Heidi,
You are correct that this is a Wolf Spider.  The female Wolf Spider drags her egg sac with her and when the spiderlings begin to hatch, they hitchhike on her back for several days before they disperse.

Location: Minnesota

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