Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Wolf Spider w/Spiderlings
September 5, 2010
Location:  Saxtons River, Vermont
Hi Daniel,
I have frequent problems actually logging into the WTB website due to cookies issues. I do not have them blocked, yet I often can’t log in….any hints as to how I can get around this??
Was just looking at the photos of wolf spiders with spiderlings and thought you might like these photos. I was mowing and saw her in the grass…. it was taken on June 13, 2004 in Saxtons River, Vermont. I love that you can see her eyes peeking through the blades of grass!
Hope you’re having a good holiday weekend.

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Hi KT,
It also appears that this female Wolf Spider is still dragging the egg case with her even though the spiderlings have hatched.  We will contact our web master, also named Daniel, with your connectivity problem to see if he is able to assist.

Hi Daniel,
When I took that photo, the babies were still emerging from the egg sack. I was laying the grass watching them race out of the sack and up onto her back. It was amazing! Those spiderlings move faster than greased lightning!
Thanks for checking on the sign-in problems.

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