Wolf Spider with Egg Sac

Better pic of wolf (or fishing???) spider with egg sac.
Hey Bugman,
I attached the wrong picture before. I was playing around with color, contrast, etc. with the first one I sent, and that was not the pic I intended to send. This picture of a wolf (or fishing?) spider carrying its egg sac has not been modified except for cropping the pic. A friend’s driver’s license was placed above the spider to show its size. It was cropped to protect the innocent, but I left a small portion of the license in the pic to demonstrate the spider’s size. The spider was seen in a parking lot in Harford County, MD.

Hi Mark,
This is a Wolf Spider. Female Wolf Spiders drag the egg sac behind them from their spinnerets. The female Fishing Spider carries her egg sac in her chelicerae or by her mouth.

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