Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Subject: Wolf spider with babies
Location:  Unknown
September 1, 2016 9:20 am
I just want to tell you how much I love you guys. I’m a biology student and though bugs aren’t on my love list the photos and stories I’ve read have really brought me around. I’ve included footage of a wolf spider with back babies being released by me in a field (my “website” link). I hope you can use it on your site, or at least find enjoyment in it. Keep up the great work!
Website: https://youtu.be/5ekYQ2O5Hlw
Signature: Jennifer

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings
Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Dear Jennifer,
We are including a screen shot of your Wolf Spider with her spiderlings vidoe in our posting and we are linking to your video.  We are also tagging you with the Bug Humanitarian Award for releasing this Wolf Spider back into the wild.  Wolf Spiders are the only spiders that carry their young about, though this behavior is found in other arachnids including Scorpions.  Can you please provide us with a location for your sighting?

Awesome! I didn’t know that about the scorpions, it’s great to know.
This spider was found in Cape Coral, Florida. The wildlife down here is absolutely amazing, everywhere you look there’s something crawling about. I’m so honored that you liked my video.

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