Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Subject: Wolf spider with babies?
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
October 6, 2013 8:45 pm
This little lady has been around for a bit. Today I noticed some smaller versions crawling on her abdomen.
I intend to leave it alone and let it do what it does best? Hopefully kill roaches :). I’ interested in what it is…
Note: I did get bit in the back of my thigh the other day & it swelled to the size of a lemon. After a few hours the swelling went down but I’m curious if there’s any relationship to this and the one that bit me.
Signature: Marshal

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings
Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Hi Marshal,
Thanks for sending us a photo of a mother Wolf Spider and a brood of Spiderlings.  Wolf Spiders are not aggressive toward humans and they are not considered dangerous, however, we do not doubt that they might bite if provoked, carelessly handled or accidentally encountered in a situation they find to be threatening.  Most spider bites will produce a mild location reaction and no medical attention is required.

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