Wolf Spider

Subject: What is this spider?
Location: Aiken, SC
July 9, 2017 2:10 pm
I suffer from extreme arachnophobia. My husband sent me this picture of a spider living in our storage building. My first instinct was to tell him to kill it with fire; but cooler heads prevailed and he just left it alone. I’m afraid that it is venomous and will have lots of little venomous babies in our building and the building and everything in it will have to be transferred to the ownership of the spider.
Signature: Arachnophobe Angie

Wolf Spider

Dear Angie,
This is a Wolf Spider, and we suppose it would make no difference to an arachnophobe, but Wolf Spiders are not considered dangerous to humans.  They are hunting spiders that do not build webs, so it is doubtful it will remain in one location very long.

Thank you so much for your reply! Although I am still terrified of it, it’s great to know it’s not actually a danger.
Thank you again!

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  1. This is exactly like the spider I’m staring at right now. I have been moving around it, making noise, and it has remained in the same position in the bathtub the whole time — probably because it’s nice and cool. I knew it wasn’t a brown recluse and assumed it was a wolf spider, but NONE of the pictures online showed the elongated abdomen (coming to a point) and the distinct marking / stripe on what I believe is the thorax (?) — until I saw this post. Thanks for posting this — and for the answer! (Now I’m going to do the jar / card trick and put this guy outside!) And no not afraid of him (or her) YET. Bugs kinda fascinate me.


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