Subject: Idaho Spider
Location: Boise Idaho
July 14, 2015 8:27 pm
Hi, my girls and I found this big spider in our closet under the stairs and we can’t work out what kind it is, can you help us to identify it and whether it is a beneficial or a pest species. The body was about an inch and the total size was 2.5 inches.
Signature: Graeme, Alex, Bella & Ana

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Dear Graeme, Alex, Bella & Ana,
This beautiful spider looks like a Wolf Spider, and Wolf Spiders are not considered to be either dangerous or aggressive, however a large individual, and this is a large individual, might bite if carelessly handled.  We would recommend relocation if possible.  You can capture the spider in an overturned glass and slip a post card or other rigid, flat surface under the glass and then safely transport the spider outdoors.

Location: Boise, Idaho

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