Wild Honey Bees nesting in Hollow Tree

Are these honey bees?
Hi, Bugman!
I found these in the root of a tree in my back yard. They look to me like plain honey bees, but I’m told they wouldn’t nest underground. Best Regards,
Russell G. Richter

Hi Russell,
Honey Bees that have naturalized or gone wild and are not being kept in hives need to nest somewhere. Hollow trees are common locations as are crawl spaces and attics in homes. Your bees might be unually resourseful and have taken up home in the only place they could find, the hollowed root system of an old tree. For more information on Honey Bees, check out the Bees and Beekeeping site.

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  1. Hi, I gave a HUGE tree in my back yard. Last year, I noticed a big mushroom at the base of the tree. The mushroom shortly went away. Early this summer the mushroom came back. However, I noticed there were a lot of flies and bees around the root and base of the tree. So I smashed the mushroom but the bees stayed and more bees and flies came. I’ve tried to research but I can’t find anything or a reason why this is happening. Please help. Trina


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