Whitelined Sphinxes Flying in Southern California

Subject: Hyles population boom?
February 23, 2014 9:19 pm
is anyone else seeing a LOT of Hyles lineata right now?  I live in Riverside and am getting 5/day in house.  luckily, I love them!  I do have a bunch of epilobium which they’re probably feeding on.
Signature: Beth

Whitelined Sphinx from our archives
Whitelined Sphinx from our archives

Hi Beth,
Our offices are in Mount Washington, a Los Angeles neighborhood to the northeast, and we have had visits several times this week by Whitelined Sphinxes.  Though we are not seeing the numbers you are seeing, we can attest to them flying right now.  Last April, we had a period of time in early April where we would see as many as eight to ten Whitelined Sphinxes each night at the front door where they were attracted by the porch light.

WTB? Offices April 2013
WTB? Offices April 2013

hi Daniel, I teach at Oxy but am seldom there at night to see such things.  it seems early in the season  for the numbers I’m seeing…..

We have had a warmer and drier winter which will affect eclosion times.

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  1. I’m up near La Canada and saw 2-4 of them tonight, googled “hummingbird moth Los Angeles” and was led here. First time I’ve ever seen one live, v. excited!

  2. I had 6 at the porch light in the front yard and 4 in the back patio here in Rancho Cucamonga, and I’ve never seen so many in such a short time.


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