Technical Difficulty: Whitelined Sphinx or Striped Morning Sphinx

March 31, 2012
Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, CA
We are currently experiencing technical difficulty with the GMail account we use to read your many wonderful submissions and we are unable to access any email at this time.  We hope you enjoy this photo of a White Lined Sphinx,
Hyles lineata.  It was attracted to the porch light outside of our offices.  Julian Donahue frequently calls us on our especial fondness for a seldom used alternate name, the Striped Morning Sphinx.  Charles Hogue who wrote Insects of the Los Angeles Basin uses the name Striped Morning Sphinx.  This moth is frequently seen in the morning where it rests after being attracted to lights.  We are not certain if Professor Amy Oliver will accept this as a portrait.

Striped Morning Sphinx

Update:  Monday morning, April 2, our email service was restored.

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