Whitelined Sphinx Habitat

Subject: Habitat HELP!!
Location: Illinois
July 22, 2014 4:27 pm
Hello WTB ive been trying to gather some research for a bug i picked up today. Ive been searching for a caterpillar for quite some time n it actually found me! I believe i properly identified it as Hyles Gallii “Bedstraw Hawkmoth”. Its fairly big so i decided im going to keep it indoor, in an old fish tank. I was just going to try and mimick a woodsy outdoor habitat? I know ventilation is key so i will leave the top open or fix something over or wood a mostly enclosed area not good? I took some of its host plant i found it on so hes currently eating that. Any other tips? moisture, light, etc.
Signature: Corey

Whitelined Sphinx Caterpillar
Whitelined Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi Corey,
In our opinion, you have identified the correct genus, but not the correct species.  This is a Whitelined Sphinx Caterpillar,
Hyles lineata.  Your old fish tank is a good habitat.  We would cover the top with screen, netting or cheesecloth to provide air circulation.  Keep it is a shaded location so the sun doesn’t bake your caterpillar through the glass.  Many caterpillars in this family dig beneath the earth to pupate, so loose, moist but not wet potting soil should be placed in the bottom of the habitat.  See BugGuide for additional information.

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