Whitelined Sphinx

Subject: Is this some sort of Sphynx moth?
Location: Crested Butte, CO
May 24, 2013 11:40 pm
Found this guy on an early sunrise solo photography walk in the summer of July, 2008. He was on the ground in the dirt, probably on his way out and I decided to pick him up and put him on some plant life nearby so he wouldn’t get squashed. I found the colors so edgy and interesting. Hope these can help your collections!
Signature: Breanna

Whitelined Sphinx
Whitelined Sphinx

Hi Breanna,
You are correct.  This is a Whitelined Sphinx,
Hyles lineata, and it is currently featured on our homepage banner since adults are currently flying in Southern California.  This is a wide ranging species that is reported from all 48 lower states in North America.  Your submission is being postdated to go live on our site during our absence in early June so that there are uninterrupted daily updates.

2 thoughts on “Whitelined Sphinx”

  1. WTB you did it again! And thanks go also to Breanna for the white-lined sphinx photo she submitted.
    A little over a week ago it was the pandorus sphinx…tonight my visitor is the white-lined sphinx and with your combined help, it was a quick and easy identification. Speaking with our garden shop owner, he said many people were coming in and talking about the various moths now showing up. BTW, we’re about 20 miles west of Chicago.
    Thank you for this great web site.


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