White Witch from the Amazon

Location: Amazon River, Brazil
Ed. Note:  Tracey sent this photo in a follow up to a 3 Sphinxes from the Amazon posting.  We have requested additional information. 

White Witch from Brazil

Hi again Daniel
The white witch photograph was taken on 15 Feb 2011.  I can’t tell you the exact location but we travelled in a riverboat from Manaus in Brazil “for approximately 45 minutes on the Rio Negro to reach Guedes Lake”. (Can’t find it on a map)  We took a walk from the waterside not far inland.  It was taken mid morning local time and the moth flew away seconds after.
…  I’m very pleased you all liked them.

Ed Note:  June 11, 2013
We have been reading Chrysalis, the biography on Maria Sybilla Merian, and it has a wonderful account of raising the caterpillar in Surinam that resulted in this marvelous ecological drawing of a White Witch.

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