White Spotted Sawyer

crab spider and white spotted sawyer
I sent these pics in some time ago, though I know you’re behind. Just in case the recent net troubles led to their loss, I’ve sent again. The sawyer was in my back yard in Duluth, Minnesota. The crab spider I spotted on the side of the road, again in Duluth, Minnesota. I was walking past, and thought I spied a wasp, only to look closer and find it in the clutches of this beautiful spider. Love the site!

Hi Heidi,
Generally, the way we post letters now is to try to quickly (though it is never a quick process) the letters that come in on a given day at the end of the day. Then we select the most interesting letters and try to post as many as possible. Some days, it can be as many as 7 letters, though most days we are lucky if we can post 3. Sadly, many interesting letters with wonderful images never make it to the site. We are posting your Spotted Sawyer image, and even though the Crab Spider photo is quite wonderful, we already have numerous Crab Spiders and their prey on our site. Thanks again for your interest.

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