White Spotted Sawyer

Cool beetle in Northern California
We found this very cool, and quite large, beetle on the front porch of our cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Elevation approx 5000 ft, on the western slope, about halfway between Tahoe and Yosemite (Dorrington, CA). After checking out your site, it looked a if this could be a “Banded Alder Borer”…however, the body coloration does not match, nor does the (seemingly) blue legs. Curious if you have any idea who he might be? We have been in this location for over 5 years, and this is the first we’ve seen of this bug. Hoping it does not represent an invasive/non-native bug which could pose harm to the trees found in this part of the mountains? Thanks
Diane (and Chris)

Hi Diane and Chris,
This is a native species, the White Spotted Sawyer, Monochamus scutellatus. Larvae bore in the wood of conifers, especially after fire or storm damage.

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