Bug ID question
Hi there!
I love your site! My daughter and I used it to identify a couple of toe-biters that we saw at an auto race track in Ottawa, Ontario last night. I thought they were really neat, and managed to pick one up (very carefully) to look it over closely, seeming to stun some of the little boys who’d been throwing things at them. 🙂 However, look as I might on your site, I couldn’t find a beetle that we photographed out on our back deck last week. It is approximately two inches long, not counting the long antennae. Also, it had small red spheres adhered behind its head, and we wondered if they were its own eggs or some type of parasitic eggs. This is located south of Ottawa about halfway to the New York state line. Thanks for any information you can give us, and keep up your wonderful work! Thanks,
Angie & Sarah
Kemptville, Ontario

Hi Angie,
We believe that somewhere in our 9 archived beetle pages, there is a photo of the White Spotted Sawyer, Monochamus scutellatus. This specimen is a female. Believe it or not, the antennae of the male are twice as long. The White Spotted Sawyer can be distinguished from the other members in the genus by the white scutellum, the little triangle at the front of the elytra, or wing covers.

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