Subject: sphinx moth caterpillar?
Location: central oregon high desert
August 16, 2012 12:12 pm
Hi there,
Love your site and have used to figure out what i have seen several times, but this is the first time I have sent in a photo. I found this caterpillar August 16th on Grizzly Mt. in Central Oregon (high desert habitat). Don’t know the plant it is on but think it is probably some type of sphinx moth. Can you help?
Signature: Elayne Barclay

White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi Elayne,
This is one color variation of the highly variable caterpillar of the White Lined Sphinx or Striped Morning Sphinx,
Hyles lineata.  You can find a matching photo in the image of three color morphs on The Sphingidae of the Americas website as well as this photograph from BugGuideThe White Lined Sphinx is one of the most common Sphinx Moths in North America and it is found in all 48 continental states as well as Canada and Mexico.  Both the caterpillars and adults appear in prodigious numbers when conditions are favorable.  Since we will be away from the office this weekend, we are postdating your submission to go live on Sunday during our absence.

Wow Daniel, I never expected such a quick response! As soon as I sent the message the next page of sphinx larvae I looked at had the white-lined sphinx and I thought that was the guy. I’ve seen an adult once and was floored, so cool!
Thanks so much!

Location: Oregon

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