White-Lined Bird Grasshopper

Subject: grasshoppers
Location: Madera Canyon, AZ
November 4, 2016 2:18 pm
Many different species of grasshopper in the multible biomes of this southeastern part of Arizona near the Sky Islands and in Madera Canyon. A mix of oak woodlands, succulents and pines in the upper region. I’ve tried to ID them online, but nothing looks quite what I photographed. One naturalist said one was a differential grasshopper, but again I didn’t see the resemblance.
Signature: Thank you, Leanne Grossman

White-Lined Bird Grasshopper
White-Lined Bird Grasshopper

Dear Leanne,
We are very confident that we have identified your third image, the only true Grasshopper, as a White-Lined Bird Grasshopper,
Schistocerca albolineata, a species found in Arizona and well represented on BugGuide.  It is described on BugGuide as:  “This species is dark olive green or brown to black, with contrasting pale yellowish markings, and bold contrasting markings on the hind femora, with the hind tibiae red to black.”

Dear Daniel,
Thank you again. I really appreaciate your thoroughness.
But I don’t understand taxonomists!?! — where are the white lines? I would have named this a tiger bird grasshopper for its black and gold stripes — but then no one asked me, did they?
I just submitted one more grasshopper to ID.
Best wishes,
Leanne Grossman

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