White Flannel Moth Caterpillar

identify caterpillar
My boyfriend found this caterpillar in his front yard in Southern Maryland. When he found this caterpillar(S) he was cutting the grass on a riding lawn mower and drove through a Red Bud Tree and out of the branches he started to get sensations in 3 or 4 spots on his body, on the side of his belly, arm and leg. Then there is a stinging burning sensation. We have searched the internet with no avail. Can you tell us what kind this is? Thanks
Steven & Sheree

Hi Steven and Sheree,
We did not recognize your caterpillar, and we were intrigued at your lack of luck in researching its identity. Searching the internet to no avail, in our minds, means that time and effort were spent. We simply typed caterpillar and redbud and googled, and the immediately found two sites, Stinging Caterpillars of Alabama, and Stinging Caterpillars on Shade and Ornamental Trees, that identified your caterpillar as a White Flannel Moth Caterpillar, Norape ovina, whose primary host is the redbud tree.

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